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Credits Weekly Digest Oct 30th

Dear Credits Community.

It’s already Friday, and here is the latest from us. 

Most of the questions you were asking us during last week were covered in Q&A Session with the CEO on October 27th. As we are receiving many queries regarding the speed test, please note that we decided to publish a separate article fully dedicated to the subject. We will release it in the nearest month.  Thank you for your participation, we encourage this dialog! 

We continue educating our audience ( we know that many of you are really technically advanced but not everyone!), and produced this short note on Cryptography explaining the difference between public and private keys and the way encryption works in Credits products. You can read the full note here. 

Among the major recent news in crypto and fiat, without a double, is the support of crypto coins, transactions, and other services by PayPal. PayPal, being an established financial services provider with its global worldwide clientele, is a giant that just entered the digital scene. This is certain that fintech niche development is accelerating, competition is growing. 

Credits wallet has got more functions to be installed specifically for those deeply interesting in crypto, our app is already available in Apple and Google play, please load it via the links at the bottom of this letter. 

As state stable coins are currently the other hot subject for discussion, we were wondering which country in your opinion will release the first governmental coin. Surprisingly, according to the poll, the answer is the USA. Let’s wait and see. The questionnaire results are shown below in visual. 


Credits video about Blockchain part 2,  with Arjan Eikelenboom, is out today. Watch it here!

Airdrop for the Credits wallet new users is announced! Conditions and rules applied, please see the program

Install our CS Wallet! Android/IOS

Credits Wallet provides highly efficient service for cryptocurrency operations

You can buy, sell, and send Crypto assets with amazing speed and super low commission. 

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