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Innovative Lightning-Fast Blockchain for Dapps

An open-source, fully decentralized blockchain software protocol with smart contracts aimed at the creation of high-performance applications.

Unique new consensus algorithm - PoA (Proof of Agreement) based on BFT conception, new data transmission protocol and many more.

Best for microtransactions, mass financial payments, tokens issuing and storing data on blockchain.


Infrastructure & Components

Credits offers an extensive list of custom-made blockchain-based products aimed at making interaction with the platform easy and secure.

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Run the node, participate in consensus, maintain the network and get rewards
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Conduct transactions, deploy and execute smart contracts
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Execute transactions, store and issue digital assets
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Additional tools crucial for dApps and infrastructure development

Users & Clients

Hundreds of companies, programmers and users across the world choose Credits software for implementation of their solutions

Top & Global companies

Partners using our technology for the development of their products and services.

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DApps & Services

A list of existing decentralized applications and services built on the Credits blockchain.

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Software integrators

System software integrators distributing Credits solutions to their clients

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Lenovo is looking to incorporate Credits blockchain solution to streamline internal operations management procedures


IBM considers Credits as a solution that allows to integrate their services and blockchain technology into existing business

IBM Watson

We are also working with IBM to apply our unique blockchain technology to the Internet of Things (IoT) use cases to increase trust and security. More about loT Data Validation

Detailed description about Credits platform

Credits is an open, lightning-fast infrastructure blockchain protocol built on the principles of full decentralization. The protocol does not have any central authority. All the information is stored in blocks and cryptographically secured.

Credits is the basic software that allows its users to apply blockchain in business and IT solutions through the use of autonomous smart contracts for creating and storing data about transactions and operations throughout the network.

The platform also allows issuing financial assets like stablecoins, digital assets, tokens, loyalty points etc., and build services based on Credits technological solutions.

Fast peer-to-peer transactions on blockchain Smart contracts Worldwide payments with Credits Financial assets and tokens issuance

Blockchain Platform Architecture

Unique technologies developed from scratch are the foundation of our software

Proof of Agreement (PoA)
Unique consensus and decision-making algorithm based on multiple validation and data processing with a secure implementation solution based on BFT. Read more
Credits Data Transmission Protocol (CDTP)
A new high-speed protocol within a decentralized network with collective Validation capable of processing transactions from 0.1 seconds per transaction. Up to million transactions per second possibilities.
Validation & Verification of Data
New blocks generation and transaction validation algorithms based on highly secure cryptography algorithms. New Multithreaded database, parallelized process validation and verification signatures, fast data synchronization algorithm.

Platform Technical Features

Absolutely unique technical characteristics, which allow the platform to be adopted in a wide range of industries.

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Lightning-fast transaction processing time
From 0.1 seconds to confirm a transaction. Up to 5 blocks are generated per second.
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High decentralization level
Anyone is able to run a node and maintain the network. Equitable rewards distribution.
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Advanced level of security
Highest security based on Byzantine Fault Tolerance algorithm
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Nearly free cost. Inexpensive fees.
From 0.00014 CS (around 0.00001$) fees per transaction
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High network capacity
The platform can process up to 1 million transactions per second.

Useful Links & Resources

Discover a broad range of resources to conduct deep research about our project.

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Participate and follow the development process
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For Developers
An extensive list of technical papers to learn more about Credits technology.
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For Business
Learn more about Credits private solutions for enterprise.
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Use Cases
Learn more about the industries, where the Credits platform is applicable.
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An extensive list of exchanges, where CS coins are traded.
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