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Patent Dapp on Credits Blockchain Platform

Credits informs about the release of a new Dapp called “Photo Patent” designed by third-party developers on our platform. It enables any contributor to have full control of his wide variety of image works. The Dapp is directed to the content creators allowing them to protect their imagery. 

Since the Blockchain is a technology that allows you to securely store large databases without being able to forge or change them in any way - it is a reliable tool for patenting your unique works. This will result in a reliable and time-stamped evidence of actual recording of the upload of the intellectual property. A code that is protected from unauthorized use can provide convincing evidence of what invention was created and when. A good example of an application that is run on a P2P network of computers is an easy-to-use Dapp “Photo Patent” that is built on top of the Credits platform by independent developers. This development enables to protect digital files taken by a camera or created in another visual medium such as film. 

Use the following 3 simple steps to secure your art:

  • Step 1. Set patent name
  • Step 2. Upload the photograph
  • Step 3. Patent Created! 

To log into "Photo Patent" dapp download the Credits Browser Wallet Extension.

Credits team is excited to work with new projects and is open to new business ideas. We welcome all interested developers who are ready to fully enjoy the platform’s capabilities!

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