Financial assets issuing

Issuing and circulation of financial assets on the Credits blockchain infrastructure gives a new form to the familiar products using blockchain principles:

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Versatility and a single solution inside and outside of the platform

Ease of movement of assets between accounts and products

Smart contracts for implementing any algorithms of the asset operation

Re-shaping the old products

On the Credits blockchain you can issue products such as deposit certificates, bank guarantees, shares, bonds, letters of credit, cryptocurrencies and other currencies working on the blockchain and pegged to the national currency, loyalty program scores and other assets. Digital assets released on the blockchain have the same properties, but are technically implemented differently:

  • products are issued and circulated between accounts inside the Credits blockchain (rather than within public systems).
  • the possibility of using new assets and integrating them into other services and IT systems: exchanges, traditional banks, payment cards, etc.
  • digital assets are transferred directly between network accounts, bypassing intermediaries: banks, SWIFT, card services, etc.

Due to this, the usual products are carried out on a new level.

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Technical implementation

All parameters of the asset's operation are created by issuing and managing a smart contract:

Issue, quantity, denominations, names and so on

Starting, fulfilment suspension, refund, termination and recall dates

Interest, bonuses and premiums accrual on the digital asset

Technical parameters of the assets transfer

Products examples

Many of the products that we are used to can work easier and more reliably on the blockchain. Some of them are:


A bank or a company acts as an issuer of a product in blockchain and manages its circulation.


A smart contract that takes into account all stages of a bond's life, from placement to fulfillment of its obligations by the issuer.


Emission and storage that takes place in the blockchain. The possibility of integration into other systems, exchanges and custodians.


Issue of digital money that does not circulate in the national payment system, but between accounts inside the Credits blockchain network.

Loyalty points

Loyalty points issued in the form of tokens, that work more efficiently than traditional scores. Globally and cross-platform.

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