Internet of Things

Using the Credits protocol and smart contracts to create and manage the interaction between various electronic devices and IT systems:

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Environment for transferring commands between devices using smart contracts.

Control and information collection environment, display of the fact of the action performed by devices.

Creation of autonomous, global and decentralized services based on blockchain.

The most reliable solution

The IoT devices are autonomously working services on the basis of electronic devices / sensors without human participation, performing certain tasks. These services and tasks are performed independently with minimal human involvement. For these tasks, the blockchain solutions with smart contracts are excellent, as they also work autonomously and perform the tasks and algorithms recorded in the smart contract.

The Credits blockchain platform acts as a reliable, independent and decentralized solution for the Internet of things. The platform is built on the basic principles of blockchain: decentralization, autonomy, distribution and the ability to work all around the world.

Using the Credits API with pairs of public and private keys and launching smart contracts, devices will be able to store information in the blockchain. They can automatically receive information about other devices and provide them with information about their status.

Why blockchain?

The Credits platform smart contracts for the devices of the Internet of things make it possible to create decentralized stand-alone IoT devices and perform completely different tasks using IT systems and services.

A smart contract is a program that exchanges data and manages IoT devices on many nodes almost simultaneously. This means that once it is started, no one can stop it except the owner (if it is described in the smart contract code).

Thus, the failure due to a particular server failing or being stopped manually, a power failure, etc. is eliminated. In case of a failure, the network automatically reconfigures to other nodes in accordance with the network graph of the Credits platform.

Credits Benefits

High transaction speed from 0.05 sec per operation.

Low dynamic cost of transactions (approximately from 0,001 US dollars).

The complete Turing programming language of smart contracts.

The ability to connect external systems from a smart contract.

The smart contract’s language supports loops and task scheduling.

Using a public API / SDK.

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