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Credits' Crypto Bank

Use Credits' App like ordinary bank.
Send to & Receive money from anybody.
Top up IBAN account from crypto wallet.
Buy, sell, store and exchange.

A new generation Financial App

Credits combines banking services with cryptocurrency in one App. We bridge banking with crypto.

Money is Highly Secure

Money on individual IBAN accounts  is saved separately  and securely  

Pay like at a bank

You can send money to anybody you need to. Send to your friend? Or family? Just a few clicks!

IBAN -> Crypto Crypto -> IBAN

Top up your IBAN from your crypto wallet instantly on Credits' App. Also transfers from IBAN to crypto account

Buy and sell crypto instantly!

IBAN account for payments in EUR

The individual IBAN account in EUR from Credits can be opened online without visiting a bank.

Send EUR from your IBAN across Europe and worldwide.
Withdrawal & Deposit
Withdrawal money from Credits' account instantly.

Buy USDT with zero fee

Download Credits App and Buy the most popular Stable USD token with Zero fee.

Credits' Card

Comming in Q1 2023.

Euro or GBP debit card.
First plan is free card & account.
Virtual card and physical one.

Be with us!

New product updates every month.

Banking and crypto services licensed in Europe.
Fully compliance according to their requirements.
Money and assets have a high level of security.
Services made as  simple as possible.