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Functionality of CREDITS blockchain platform Pre-Beta version

CREDITS are delighted to present the open pre-Beta version of the platform. In this article, we take a closer look at the available functionality of the platform.
1. Installation using one exe file.
The pre-Beta version of the platform has the option of quick installation of the full Node version capable of performing all the necessary operations. File CREDITS.exe contains several modules:
CSNODE is the core of client application, or a network node.
CSWALLET is a desktop version of the wallet with the distinctive feature of operating with smart contracts. Please note, the wallet works only in cooperation with a running CSNODE.
CSSMARTCONTRACTS is the module designer for compiling a smart contract. If you want to compile a smart contract with a CSWALLET, you need to run the compiling module and download the latest version of Java SE Development Kit.
OpenVPN GUI is a VPN connection module. If Your NAT is dynamic, you need to use a VPN to bypass it. It is automatically installed.
2. Blake2s data hashing.
The use of data encryption algorithm blake2s allows admitting to the decision stage only the nodes that had confirmed the relevance and existence of the registry and the software in a local storage by forming a checksum. Checksum (hash) is checked at the time of formation of the white list of nodes admitted to the next stage. Blake2s is an option for 8-, 16 -, and 32-bit platforms, allows generating the hash sized from 1 to 32 bytes. This algorithm protects the platform from attacks associated with the occurrence of collisions in the hashing process.
3. Digital signature.
The system of digital signatures based on elliptic curves EdDSA has been implemented. Curve Ed25519 has been used, which is the signature scheme of an elliptic curve that provides a better security than ECDSA and DSA, and high performance as well. A generation takes place with the use of a key pair — public/private key.
4. The issue of tokens using the smart contract.
The pre-Beta version of the platform provides the ability to create your own tokens using a smart contract. It is possible to issue tokens and circulate them within the platform without the opportunity of fulfilling and processing functions. CREDITS developers continue to work on implementing the full functionality of smart contracts. You can do this through the desktop version of the wallet CSWALLET, the usage of CSNODE, CSSMARTCONTRACTS modules on your device is required.
5. API
Apache Thrift technology is used to communicate with third party services. Apache Thrift is a language for describing of programming interfaces for developing services in different programming languages.
A special C-like language describes all the interfaces and the nature of the service,the code in the target language is generated afterwards. Thrift supports several dozens of languages, including Java. The generated classes are to be copied both on the server and to the client. The server is adjusted for implementing interfaces, and the client for requesting them. Thus, the procedure call on the server will look the same as the request for ordinary methods locally. However, the code on the client and on the server can be written in different languages. Thrift takes care of all the issues with data serialization.
6. The support portal
This is the main information resource containing all the necessary information about the platform capabilities, best practices, safety and other necessary information. Follow the link to reach the support portal: CREDITS support team will provide assistance at every stage irrespective of whether you are looking for answers to questions yourself or need some expert help.
Detailed installation instructions and technology descriptions are to follow shortly.
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