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Credits signed several new partnerships over the course of the last few days.

July 26, London, Dubai


Credits representatives from London have signed a Memorandum of Understanding  with Give Bytes.

Give Bytes is a new crowd-mining campaign site that empowers the compassion-driven who want to give charitable donations effortlessly. Now any computer user anywhere can anonymously give without ever actually touching their wallet using the power of the blockchain.


Give Bytes works by using a computer's central processing unit (CPU). On average, if not doing heavy operations, only 10 to 30% of a computer's CPU is used. Cryptocurrency mining is a new widely-publicised way to convert a computer's CPU energy into financial rewards. So when a computer's CPU is not being used, it can be earmarked to make a difference in the world.

Credits have agreed that this memorandum of understanding will pave the way in establishing a long lasting technological collaboration between the two parties. Our mutual goals will be accomplished by undertaking several activities. Give Bytes would like Credits to help develop Smart Contracts to match user donations through mining with CSR.


One use case is that if a planned campaign to remove plastic from oceans has a certain number of supporters and a large company decides to match 3x the mining power donated by each supporter. Our companies will help develop the smart contract to facilitate this - so that fundraisers, supporters and sponsors can rest assured the data is not manipulated. Credits will also assist in the upcoming token sale which will have some special in-browser mining features.


Also in London, Credits and Africunia Digital Bank will start accepting their respective tokens. The agreement signed by the companies will allow buying AFCASH, which is a token supplied by Africunia, with CS tokens. Additionally, any buyer performing such operation will get a special 20% bonus by Africunia.


Africunia positions itself as the first African 100% digital crowdfunded open bank based on blockchain 3.0. It strives to become a unique financial institution that would offer not only traditional banking services related to opening of savings and current accounts, issuing of debit and credit cards, loans and forex exchange services but also will provide innovative banking services such as bank-to-bank transactions, interconnecting the world of traditional finance and cryptocurrency startups. To achieve this goal it plans to secure $50m during ICO. Africunia is also in the process of implementing AFCASH, a token based on its proprietary Africunia Protocol Consensus Algorithm (APCA).


This partnership will no doubt help to drive the ambitious growth of both partners that spans across Africa, Europe and Asia.

After that our team representatives have reached Dubai city. US-based Seecra and Credits held a meeting in Dubai to sign a cooperation agreement, intending to develop various projects in close collaboration and offer innovative solutions in the field of cybersecurity. Their products will focus on the needs of different clients including government and law enforcement agencies, oil and gas companies, telecommunications, corporations and financial institutions. The partners believe that these solutions will contribute to addressing the highly pressing issue of global digital security.


Based in Kansas City, Missouri, Seecra boasts a team of highly experienced professionals and possesses over 17 years of experience in the field. Using globally recognized and advanced technological systems, the company offers a wide range of products related to incidents response and investigation, digital forensics, security assessment and penetration testing, as well as training.

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