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MF Chain And Credits Launch Innovative Blockchain Technologies For Everyone

July 30, Moscow

Credits cooperates with MF Chain to bring to life their common vision – worldwide adoption of blockchain technologies.

MF Chain (Modern Finance Chain) is now helping the world adopt crypto as a currency by creating a global digital economy. Introducing the first ever merchant rewards program, now both consumers and merchants can earn rewards.

As agreed, MF Chain and Credits are engaging in collaborative efforts to merge their two communities in order to bring the combined solutions to their users.

Collaboration will start with an opportunity to use Credits token in MFC Payment Processing solution. In addition, Credits token will be accepted during MF Chain’s ICO, which is a novel approach since blockchain startups, during their funding rounds, don’t commonly allow any digital currency other than BTC and ETH.

The major milestone of the partnership and the one that will give a real competitive edge to both partners is the integration of MF2X Protocol within the Credits ecosystem. MF2X protocol enables direct crypto-to-fiat swaps without the need for dealing with a centralized crypto exchange.

“Combined with Credits’ extremely fast processing speed and low fees, MF2X protocol will inevitably help the future growth of Credits ecosystem,” says Craig Neil, MF Chain’s CEO and adds that, “In the same time, the integration will further expand MF Chain’s market reach thus increasing our company’s influence and growth.”

The new partnership will allow Credits to expand its community, enrich its technologies and embrace new technologies. All this combined will help to rapidly broaden the pool of Credits’ platform users, and MF Chain will strengthen Credits’ portfolio of partners from financial industry.

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