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Credits And Darenta Will Develop Carsharing Services Using Blockchain Technologies

August 8, Singapore


Today carsharing is seen as a crucial part of sustainable future. Sharing resources, we contribute to building green, responsible, more integrated and inclusive community. That’s why Credits is delighted to engage in developing carsharing services together with Darenta.


Darenta is introducing Darenta Crypto Carsharing – a peer-to-peer car rental marketplace connecting people who need to rent a private car with vehicle owners. This decentralized autonomous car rental service is not managed by people: its regulation is based on feedback and recommendations by users, who will be registered via smart contracts. As for today, Darenta operates 1,016  registered cars and has 5907 users in 121 cities across 20  countries, and these numbers are growing daily. Darenta is offering car rental for as low as EUR15 per day including insurance, and its car park includes exclusive cars and rare collectibles. Darenta Crypto Carsharing has already launched its ICO and issued its own utility token called PROD which will be used to pay for rental services.


Credits and Darenta signed a memorandum of understanding and will join their forces to develop a carsharing service. The partners agreed to use Credits blockchain platform to store data of all Darenta’s cars. Credits is proud to expand its partners’ portfolio and to enter new and rapidly growing market segment.

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