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Credits and mmviii become Strategic Partners

Credits is pleased to announce a partnership with mmviii [2008]  Digital Assets Group, leading crypto consultancy providing ICO/STO advisory and bitcoin over the counter brokerages services based in the USA, EU and Switzerland.


mmviii [2008] has built an extensive network of trusted/trustless partners on 6 continents & dozens of countries around the world. The company provides consulting services for institutional investors, high net worth individuals looking to purchase big BTC blocks (10,000+). mmviii team has been involved in more than a dozen ICO/ITOs, their advice is based on extensive experience.




Credits and mmviii are entering into strategic partnership that will encompass several areas. Credits will become a technical partner for mmviii's crypto advisory business division. We will provide technical audit for mmviii clients and help determine technological feasibility of the client's vision. Besides, Credits blockchain platform will serve as the preferred protocol for mmviii's clients looking to build dApps. Credits platform will become available for mmviii clients conducting their token offerings on. Credits and mmviii will explore the possibility of developing smart contracts for the bitcoin over the counter transaction that will act as escrow. In addition, mmviii and Credits are partnering in creating a University Blockchain Alliance which will connect top universities from around the world with the common goal of popularizing blockchain technology amongst the students by conducting seminars, workshops and hackathons.


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