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Credits adds seven new partners

Credits continues to expand its portfolio by partnering with a range of companies from all over the globe over the course of the past week.



Freldo is a business social network designated to find reliable services and new customers based on recommendations. The platform offers a unique opportunity for its users to earn money for honest feedback about businesses. Using Freldo, every entrepreneur will be able to build clients on the basis of existing clients, by referring  the business or service they liked to their connections.. Freldo will add CS as a method of paying during its token sale (FreldoCoin) and use Credits expertise to implement blockchain-based solutions into its project.


The GSC Platform enhances safety and reduces costs in the Aeronautical supply chain sector. The project's goal is to improve flight safety and allow economies of scale for every purchasing department in all industries by optimizing the supply chain as a whole. The project will adopt Credits blockchain platform to achieve its goals. is an information technology company that builds easy, powerful, modern and innovative software products for file storage applications since 2007. The company provides secure and convenient cloud data storage, backup and SaaS solutions for business or private users, so that they can easily store, backup, share, publish or sell files worldwide. The company is building The Library to help find and access useful content stored on a P2P community supported, distributed storage platform and blockchain. will use Credits expertise during ICO procedure, as well as add CS as a payment during the token sale.


ContractLand is a platform built for the decentralized exchange of cryptocurrency in a multi-chain ecosystem. The project builds the infrastructure to provide liquidity of tokenized assets across various blockchains through decentralized cross-chain bridging technology. Credits and ContractLand will share its experience on blockchain to increase the adoption of the technology.


KrisTech IO is an advisory firm in the FinTech Blockchain/Artificial Intelligence ICO space that is dedicated to helping entrepreneurs launch and grow new ventures as well as helping existing businesses develop a digital presence. The company will use Credits blockchain development expertise.


Gath3r delivers its smart miner to websites and apps, so users can mine multiple algorithms and coins, dependent on the available hash rate and profitability. Gath3r centralizes profit without breaching privacy. The company enables website or application users to help earn revenue through in-browser crypto Smart Web Miner. To participate, each user must opt-in, so one has the user’s explicit consent, a requirement that builds trust. Gath3r will implement Credits blockchain platform into its system.


DoctorX is a decentralized hospital and doctor reviews platform and world’s first doctor rankings platform built on blockchain. The company will adopt Credits blockchain solutions to improve health industry worldwide.


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