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Credits has recently partnered with seven projects

Credits has made an agreements with a range of companies over the course of the past week. The partnerships will strengthen Credits positions as blockchain and cryptocurrency expert as well as an advisor in launching ICOs all over the world.


UniFox represents an entire crypto-friendly ecosystem of universal crypto and fiat currencies ATM and POS terminals that helps to adopt blockchain technologies into nowadays world. UniFox is currently researching opportunities for implementing Credits blockchain platform in its project and moving towards operating CS as a payment during the project’s ICO.


Modelta is a consulting company established by the former MacKinsey and QIWI leaders. The company’s solutions are based on a broad expertise, technology and the application of relevant tools for analysis, planning and forecasting. Credits will communicate with Modelta in the capacity of sharing its expertise to explore new opportunities of business cases and the growth of the company’s clientele.


BBILLER is the company providing blockchain solutions for Supply Chains. The platform supports B2B information interchange in the areas of procurement, logistics, transportation, and payments in conjunction with IoT information interchange for asset tracking and provenance. BBILLER will implement Credits blockchain solutions to improve its areas of expertise.


Evonix is a creative agency with an infused passion for technology that uses insights, design, and growth strategy to drive business value. The company helps brands, startups, and institutions identify opportunities and develop platforms that help them better express themselves and connect with their audiences. Evonix explores Credits blockchain solutions with the aim of improving the company’s services.


Zoom platform is an integrated project management and outsourcing solution. The company provides a virtual work ecosystem where businesses and freelancers are empowered through totally transparent, secure ledger portfolios. The project seeks to address and optimize the global market for intellectual services by providing a unified platform which brings together trusted business relationships, efficient planning, a secure payment system in a common global competitive environment - all built with blockchain. Zoom will use Credits blockchain solutions to adopt it in their business.


Skeincoin is a cryptocurrency that makes the future of payment systems an everyday reality by providing integrated real-world applications. Skeincoin uses a new Proof of Work (POW) algorithm that is energy efficient and secure. The first round of hashing is done using Skein, the second using SHA256 (Skein-SHA2). Credits will share its blockchain and cryptocurrency expertise to help Skeincoin achieve its goals.


Extradecoin is a cryptocurrency exchange platform that supports a wide range of trading method such as spot trading, margin trading, futures, centralized and decentralized. Besides, the platform provides a Token Play, a blockchain-based game ecosystem that supports the gamer community and enables a transparent and fair playing. Extradecoin will implement Credits blockchain solutions to provide its decentralised services.



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