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Credits Technical Bounty Program FAQ

How to register for the bounty program?

In order to register for the selected bounty program, click “Accept” button and provide all the required information in the pop-up window.

Every team that submitted the request will receive an email informing them whether they were selected for implementation or not.

How to determine that the bounty program has already been assigned?

If the bounty program is already assigned to a team, it will fall into "In progress" list and it can no longer be accepted.

How to follow the progress of the bounty program if it has already been assigned?

If the bounty program is in operation, you can click the "View progress" button in the "In progress" section.

Can multiple teams simultaneously execute a single bounty program?

Several teams can perform one bounty program at once in the following cases:

  • Each team performs the bounty program separately on the same conditions;
  • Several teams execute different parts of the bounty program sequentially or side-by-side

How is the reward for the bounty program calculated?

You can find the minimum reward value in the description of each bounty program, for example, "500+ CS". However, the final score will be based on the amount of resources spent on the program, the quality of the code and the efforts of the teams. Generally, the reward is paid after the implementation of the bounty program.

How to see information about the performed bounty programs?

After completion of a bounty program, its result will be published in the “Done” section.

What are the requirements for the participants of the bounty program?

A brief description of the requirements is available when pointing over each bounty program. After the team is selected to run the program, the Credits team will contact them by email to describe the requirements in detail. You can also ask questions about the requirements for the bounty program in telegram chat.

How should the participants of the bounty program report on the process of implementation?

The team selected to implement the bounty program must provide a report on the performed work and the encountered difficulties every Monday.

Requested amount of information may vary depending on the complexity of the program.

Does the participant bear any responsibility if he/she refuses to continue working during execution of the bounty program?

If the bounty program has not been implemented, the team is deprived of the opportunity to receive a reward. This bounty program will again be available to other teams for a reward.

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