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Smart contracts

Smart contracts are autonomous, self-executing software algorithms designed to automate the execution of the contract obligations of the participants in any transaction based on the blockchain technology

Virtual Java Machine (JVM)

The Virtual Java Machine (JVM) is used to run smart contracts and is supplied under a freely distributed license along with the software platform. Isolated execution of the smart contract code in the virtual machine is carried out without access to the file system and other node resources.

Integrated Java based language

A smart contract is developed using the interpreted JAVA language which gives an opportunity to develop and run testing using any platform without the need to install any special development environment. The software code allows the use of all common script language constructs (including cycles).

Additional integrated smart contracts functions

The built-in functions of smart contracts, preventing violation of database integrity and consensus conditions include: functions of reading and recording into the blockchain database, random numbers generation (implementation of this function provides the similarity of random numbers on all nodes within the same round)

Regulated calls of smart contracts

- Scheduling of a one-time call of contracts.
- Scheduling of repeated contract calls in set time (repetition with specified intervals)
- Execution of smart contracts when the user's conditions are met

Built-in verification tools

The tools allow preliminary validation of the smart contracts program code syntax. In addition, the tools for implementation performance analysis and smart contracts code performance characteristics analysis are being developed.


Integration with external services

For security reasons the execution of a smart contract is isolated from local host resources, but has the ability to interact with external data sources, which allows to implement users business processes in the completed blockchain ecosystem

A built-in mechanism of blockchain protection

All operations of the contracts are tested for validity, which allows one to avoid the intentional or accidental infiltration of erroneous code and data.


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