Banking industry

Blockchain is great for creating faster and simpler services and products without any intermediaries.

Problems of the banking industry

Blockchain successfully solves problems such as:

Getting rid of Intermediaries between the sender and the recipient

High transaction costs between banks

Long processing time for payments (especially international)

Simplifying cross-border operations and services

Learn how Credits will disrupt banking

New solutions and approaches

Our blockchain products use the latest technology to directly connect both sides of any transaction.

New processing data technologies.

Distributed registers and data publicity of banking operations.

Exclusion of intermediaries.

New blockchain based products interact directly without intermediaries.

Banking processes automation.

Automatic decision-making based on smart contracts.

New financial assets.

Issuing new forms of banking products and using cryptocurrency in the accounting.

Check Credits solutions for banks

Blockchain opens up new opportunities in tightly regulated spheres such as banking. Read more about our offers.


New product forms Depository and custodial services Open banking system Interbank Interaction Non-financial products
Issuing digital assets Storing certificates of securities Carrying out operations in real time Interbank Interactions Digital Identification
Crediting Accounting and transfers of securities rights Displaying partial operations Mutual settlements between banks KYC
Derivatives on blockchain Clearing operations Unified customer database Credit robot
Bonds and credit notes Escrow
Bank guarantees Deal guarantor
Letters of credit Ownership of mortgage transfers
Obligations in digital form

Why Credits?

We have created a unique blockchain platform which makes it possible to adopt blockchain technology in a variety of existing industries

A unified protocol for issuing, storing and transferring various types of assets

Infrastructure on a distributed network with a public registry

Accounts system with public and private keys

Set of security systems

Built-in programming language for creating services

Contact us

We have a strong team of programmers and support offering:

Consultations on how to use technologies

Help with PoC (proof of concept) and MVP development

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