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Implementing logistical processes using the blockchain technology

Every dispatch and every stage of cargo handling can be automatically processed with the help of smart contracts.

Disadvantages of the current interaction model

Mistrust between participants of the logistics chain

Slow document flow, delays in payments and management

Difficulty tracking goods, and abuse

High costs from duplicated functions

Advantages of logistical processes on the blockchain


Process automation

Replaces operations involving documents with smart contracts and the possibility of automatic reconciliation and accelerated settlement.

Increased confidence

Transparency and equal access to information increases trust between partners.

Stronger oversight

Tracks the location of your goods immediately, and eliminates data falsification.

Reduced costs

These combined benefits reduce the cost of logistics and process auditing.

Read about Credits solutions for logistics companies

We are offering you the opportunity to learn more about using Credits in the logistics industry!

Examples of Usage

New unique technological solutions with high speed, and low transaction prices; allow the Credits blockchain to be extended to logistics and transport.

Why Credits?

We have created a unique blockchain platform, which makes it possible to adopt blockchain technology in a variety of existing industries

Single protocol for issuing, storing and transferring various types of assets

Infrastructure on a distributed network with a public registry

Accounts system with public, and private keys

Set of security systems

Built-in programming language for creating services

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