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Services that provide information working within the Credits blockchain network, oracles can be created by any developer on the Credits.

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Create an oracle using the platform

Oracles broadcast information received from external sources without changing data, or by changing data in accordance with the programmed algorithms for more complete information provisions.

Data from the outside world (data on credit histories, quotation changes , stock quotes, etc.) come from different sources, and have different formats. To work with this information, the blockchain needs an "interpreter", which will address the necessary address, receive the information, and check and translate it into the required format. The oracles act as this supplier.

Use cases

Implementation of solutions using various public information: flight schedules, election results, matches and other sources.

Implementation of solutions that depend on weather data: insurance against crop failure, natural disasters, etc.

Implementation of solutions using public financial indicators: exchange rates, quotations, data from stock exchanges and other sources.

Credits Benefits

High transaction speed from 0.05 sec per operation.

Low dynamically calculated transaction fees starting from about $ 0.001.

Turing complete programming language of smart contracts.

The ability to connect external systems from a smart contract.

The smart contract language supports cyclesloops and task scheduling.

Using a public API / SDK.

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