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The platform is ready. Try it

We have finished developing the Beta version. You can start using it today.


Download the complete package including the Desktop Wallet, network node and tools for working with smart contracts

Network monitor

Check all network transactions and smart contracts in the explorer

Web wallet

Use the web wallet version to create a transaction and send CS, as well as other tokens or assets in the Credits standard.

Credits Blockchain Platform

Credits is a public, high-speed, fully decentralized blockchain platform with Turing-complete smart contracts.

Completely new technologies

Сomplex of own technological developments undergoing the patenting:

New Consensus CDCA (Credits Decision Consensus Algorithm)

New unique consensus and decision algorithm based on multiple validation and data processing with secure implementation solution;

New Data Transmission Protocol CTDP (Credits Transmission Data Protocol)

A new unique high-speed data Transmission Protocol within a decentralized network capable of processing transactions from 0.1 sec per transaction;

New Data Validation Algorithm CDVA (Credits Data Validation Algorithm)

New unique block and transaction validation and verification solution based on high-security cryptography algorithms.

Credits protocol

Absolutely new characteristics

Credits is an open blockchain platform with autonomous smart contracts and an internal cryptocurrency. The platform is designed to create services for blockchain systems using self-executing smart contracts with a public data registry.


Transactions processed around 0.1 seconds


Fees around 0.001 USD


Millions of transactions per sec

Credits Solutions

Creating and running decentralized applications and services using Credits blockchain solutions

For developers, Credits offers a set of solutions that can be used in application development. A wide range of solutions-connect to external data sources, launch smart contracts at the right time, issue tokens with Credits blockchain.

Smart contracts

Java programming code that runs on the Credits network to call functions and methods of program code inside or outside the network.


Storing on blockchain

Storage of any data in the form of blockchain records. Decentralized and distributed public and encrypted storage of any information.


Financial assets issuing

The possibility of issuing the token using a smart contract that works/is handled within the blockchain network Credits.


Internet of things, IoT

Building interaction between external independent devices operating on the Credits platform.


Public register and ledger

Is a storage of information about the transactions and actions of smart contracts, stored in the blockchain in the form of records in public.


Process scheduler

Is a solution to call the specified internal functions and methods by the smart contract at the appointed time and according to the algorithm.


Cyclic process

Cyclic start-up and implementation of smart contracts. Provides the ability to check conditions and perform certain actions at regular intervals.



Are data sources from the outside world or the blockchain itself (from data stored within the Credits network storage) for use in smart contracts.


Request for free consultation

We have strong developer and support teams who are ready to consult you on use-cases or create PoC and MVPs

Main Industries

Here are the main industries that will use blockchain in their business processes

Advanced Smart Contract Capabilities

Credits is the first absolutely autonomous blockchain platform for the creation of independent, decentralized services, due to new smart contract capabilities.

Cycles and



Java virtual
machine (JVM)

News and articles

News, articles and updates about the Credits platform

Media about Us

international press featuring our main news

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