ICO Finished On February 18 2018

Hard Cap Reached: 20 mil USD / 23,923.45 ETH
Small Individual Caps 0.5 & 9.9 ETH
$20 Million Hard Cap reached within 17 Hours
120,000 requests for Whitelist at $1,350,000,000 total request amount
More than 15,000 contributors

Token sale results

Total Supply after ICO 249 471 071,21 100%
Pre-ICO sales (first contract) 39 964 587,83 16%
ICO 99 739 211,35 40%
Founders and team 37 420 660,68 15% Locked for 1 year
Advisors 4 989 421,42 2% Distributed
Bounty 4 989 421,42 2% Distributed
Bug bounty 4 989 421,42 2%
Market making on exchanges 7 484 132,14 3%
Operation 49 894 214,24 20% 10% locked for 1 year, another
10% locked for 2 years
Average bonus on Pre-ICO 49%
Bonus on ICO 0%

ICO was held on February 17-18th 2018

Tokens exchange rate was 1ETH = 5,000CS (Credits)

ICO caps

Pre-sale cap $3 mln USD
Soft cap $15 mln USD
Hard $20 mln USD
During Pre-Sale and ICO we sold tokens for 20 million USD. During the first half of 2018, the company will only have access to 50% of the funds collected, and no more that 7-10 million USD. These funds will be used to finish the development and to promote the platform. Remaining, unspent funds will be unlocked after the Alpha launch and the Full release of the platform.


Escrow for ETH received in ICO

To involve all ICO participants in escrow we have decided to create a new escrow scheme.

As we previously announced 20% of the collected funds will be kept in a special wallet. They will be locked until 50% of our ERC20 tokens are exchanged to the internal coin of our platform. New platform with its own cryptocurrency is a confirmation that obligations for developments of the platforms are fulfilled

Tokens left for operations

According to the calculated budget of the project, the company will need 15-20 million dollars for the first year of operation. This includes development and marketing.
The project's ICO model will allow the Credits team to quickly finish the platform development and promote Credits use in the future.

Unused operation tokens will be blocked for at least one year, according to the following schedule:

10% frozen through 1 Jan 2019
10% frozen through 1 Jan 2020

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