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Welcome our new user Aiternis

Aiternis is a global clinical blockchain platform and marketplace designed to accelerate medical research and improve patient care. Aiternis goal is to provide the best care available through effective research & development, fundraising and world wide collaboration through the Aiternis platform. Ultimately Aiternis is a first of a kind ecosystem where doctors, scientists, hospitals and clinics can efficiently and securely exchange their findings with utmost respect for patient’s privacy. Aiternis makes collaboration a dream come true. Imagine a marketplace where you can unlock findings from your research easily while making patient data totally private with a click of a button? Aiternis data set protocols will include a set of security features, allowing the information holder to restrict or share any subset of data with the rest of the users on the platform for free or for a fee.
You can find out more about Aiternis on their official website
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