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New article about CREDITS on Astralcrypto

Astralcrypto has published CREDITS blockchain project summary and details. The article compares CREDITS to existing projects, tells about our team and advisors and mentions potential challenges the project may face.

«Credits is a unique project with many technological superiorities to its competition. It features massive speeds, low costs, and unprecedented levels of scalability and security for a blockchain platform. The Credits team has ambitious goals, which they must achieve to compete in such a fast-moving industry. If Credits can meet their deadlines, provide the technology they promise, and successfully market their product, the Credits team could see a lot of success and potentially become another goliath in the blockchain industry. Any slip ups, and they may fall behind and possibly struggle to recover the momentum necessary to become a big name in the crypto industry. The Credits team has personally impressed me with their ambition, growth, responsiveness to the community, and technology driven focus.»

More information here

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