Credits to Be Audited by Red4Sec
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Credits to Be Audited by Red4Sec

Credits has entered an official partnership with Red4Sec which are to perform a strict, independent consensus and transport code audit. This will allow to know the status and level of security of Credits.

Red4Sec is a business initiative formed by highly skilled professionals with a plethora of experience in Cybersecurity sector. Experts in code audits, Ethical Hacking, audits of web and mobile applications, cryptocurrency audits, perimeter security and incident response, Red4Sec have numerous high-profile clients, such as NEO, The Quantum Resistant Ledger (QRL), Ubiquiti Networks, and City of Zion in their portfolio. In addition, they have provided assistance aimed at improving information security of companies such as Google, Microsoft, and Oracle’s MySQL through responsible disclosure.

“With security, robustness and transparency of the technology being the utmost priorities for Credits, code audit by Red4Sec fully reflects our core values”, comments Igor Chugunov, CEO & Founder of Credits.

Red4Sec will search and identify possible design, configuration or programming errors, guaranteeing the confidentiality, integrity and availability of accessible, treated and stored information.

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