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Credits and Pillar Explore Possibilities of Technology Exchange

Pillar and Credits’ teams will work together on cryptocurrency management wallet solution

July 18, London


London-based Pillar Project and Credits are joining their forces to mutually enrich and further reinforce their high-tech experience. The companies have signed a Memorandum of Understanding and look forward to exploring the opportunities offered by their technologies. Both Credits and Pillar have been developing unique blockchain projects of their own and are eager to embrace their partner’s achievements.

Pillar Project started as an intuitive wallet for cryptocurrencies, but its ambition is to become a multi-purpose, multi-gadget ‘digital locker’ for personal information related to e-commerce, token exchange, publications and much more. The company states its mission as bringing back the control over personal data to their rightful owners, and Credits can contribute a lot to achieving this goal.

The companies’ teams agreed that Pillar will provide Credits with a functional wallet to allow services to be integrated, and Credits will provide Pillar with the relevant services to integrate on the Pillar wallet. The resulting synergy will lead to developing a cutting-edge decentralized personal data management platform.


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