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Credits And Snovian.Space Partnering To Develop Unique Blockchain Solutions

Credits and two sister projects Snovian.Space and are exploring various ways of cooperation in the field of management through Credits blockchain platform. The result of our teamwork will help thousands of international clients to easily find useful business contacts, employees and leads. The agreement envisages an exchange of technologies and information, as well as offering a variety of services to be determined by further agreements. Snovian.Space and will both be taking part in this collaboration.

Designed specifically for professionals in crypto, tech, and other niches, Snovian.Space, a reward-based crypto social network, uses crypto incentives to help users build connections. The platform will allow airdrops and offers its users a chance to earn crypto like ETH and SNOV  simply by being experts at what they do. There are no paid plans or hidden payments to the platform and all of your data is in your control. The platform is currently in the Alpha stage and implements major new features rapidly.

Specially for the Credits community members the team of Snovian.Space offers 200 SNOV tokens for registering, as well as participation is their early bird badge program with additional bonuses when joining. To get the reward, FOLLOW THE LINK.

If you’re a marketer or a salesperson, there’s a gift prepared for you, too. is offering -15% off their subscription for 3 months. Use the promo code “15OFF-CREDITS” at checkout page and upgrade your marketing process today.

We hope the collaboration with Credits will greatly raise the value of both partnering projects and bring even more benefits to the Credits users.

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