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Credits And Pecunio Will Work Closely In The Area Of Fintech

July 28, Dubai


Credits and Pecunio will join their efforts to help build the future of financial markets. The companies signed an agreement that paves the path to various aspects of collaboration.


“We approved to put CS token as a payment to get PCO token. Also Credits adds into Pecunio institutional VC fund portfolio with exposure to all 30 portfolio companies and partners,” Pecunio CEO Reinhard Berger commented the deal. Additional areas of cooperation will be established by further agreements.


Dubai-based Pecunio is regarded as the leading fintech company in the United Arab Emirates. It is a brand new decentralized investment platform that simplifies blockchain investments and solves the problem of crypto spending. It allows both saving and spending of crypto assets in a fund universe that is safe, affordable and easy to use. In addition to a cryptocurrency fund and an ICO fund, Pecunio’s ecosystem also encompasses an angel investor fund which invests in projects at the early stages and gets involved into the development. Pecunio is proud to support the execution of promising ideas and give its investors the opportunity to benefit from positive developments.

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