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Credits announces a range of new partnerships.

Another eight projects have become Credits partners over the course of the past week.


SPATIUM wallet is an ultra-secure software and hardware wallet that supports all top blockchains and tokens. Powered by the Spatium protocol, it executes transactions without generating private keys. This breakthrough effectively eliminates the biggest vulnerability in cryptocurrency wallets. The Spatium protocol serves as the foundation for a plethora of crypto use cases with security in its foundation.


Quillhash delivers enterprise grade blockchain technology to leading companies worldwide. It creates Authorized and private blockchain applications for enterprises, helps companies with Smart Contract coding, Security auditing.

Quillhash experience covers several areas, including mobile applications, Dapps, Virtual Reality, IOT, web interface, micro services, IPFS (interplanetary file system) and smart contracts.


TechZeg offers digital services across North East India. TechZeg has experience of working in different software companies across India and uses its to grow North East India business digitally. TechZeg is a unit of Foodwoop technologies LLP registered under Ministry of Corporate affairs, Govt of India. The project is intending to use Credits technical solution for storing data and hosting dApps.


The TITA Project, a decentralized network for globally traded commodities and finished goods with community enhanced financing. Provides transparency, security, simplifies transactions, improves financial accounting and the structure of community financing using blockchain technology.


OneNet Blockchain Development is a blockchain and smart contract development company. It helps enterprises, governments and everyone who wants to implement blockchain to solve practical problems related to data integrity and confidence building with participating institutions. Present in Toronto, Canada, India the team possesses significant experience working with ERC20, Ethereum, Hyperledger Fabric, Sawtooth, Tendermint, Multichain, IPFS, Swarm.


ThunderQuote - procurement SaaS platform and a one-stop B2B services marketplace connecting corporate buyers to service providers, that works with SPH, SMU, ST Kinetics.


MoveBlock Capital is an experienced organization of professional investors and blockchain space leaders. Founded in 2017, networks and connections developed before and since attract more and more leaders into the blockchain space. Moveblock stimulates innovation by identifying disruptive opportunities via the digital assets sector. The firm simultaneously works in such global markets as Singapore, Australia, Toronto, Zagreb etc.

Stealth Project - the first cryptocurrency wallet with a built-in coin mixer that will feature CS token.

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