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Credits to promote blockchain adoption in partnership with Renmin University of China.

Credits partners with Shenzhen ZYT Fintech Co., Ltd., the Center for Blockchain Fintech and Internet Security, the Institute of Financial Technology and Blockchain of Renmin University  of China, and the Big Data Blockchain and Supervision Technology Lab of Renmin University of China - one of the biggest and most widely regarded universities in the country - to jointly explore blockchain technology, enhance its adoption and increase its potential applications for various industries. Renmin University of China is placed 5th in the recent 2018  China University Ranking.


Shenzhen ZYT Fintech Co., Ltd., is an innovative enterprise specializing in the application of blockchain industry. Its  objective is to explore benefits and challenges of using blockchain technology and to highlight emerging insights of blockchain technology applied to enterprise-scale problems with the aim of streamlining any business, governance and non-profit activity.


The synergy of Credits and Shenzhen ZYT Fintech Co., Ltd. will contribute to the research of  new blockchain applications tackling current challenges of various industries. The companies plan to set a number of lectures and hackathons to expand blockchain and cryptocurrency awareness worldwide.


"Blockchain technology may build a new financial infrastructure that will revolutionize the existing financial ecosystem. The company hopes to take this opportunity to go with partners who want to change their future. We hope that Credits team is proactive and able to create value. We hope that the team is full of passion and ideal, because we have to do something interesting and destined to change the world together," MBA, Remin University of China Big Data Blockchain & Regtech Laboratory Professor Thomas Ng said.



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