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Credits has recently partnered with ten projects

Credits continues to expand the number of its partnerships to increase blockchain and cryptocurrency adoption worldwide while improving decentralized solutions and supporting promising projects at the early-stages.


Incodium is an API-based smart contract solution that provides a risk management protocol that implements fast and accurate compensation functions on behalf of investors who are victims of an exchange hacking incidents. Incodium will use decentralized applications based on Credits platform to enhance  exchange security.


DAPP Retail is a mobile advertising technology company that makes it easy for agencies and brands to connect with targeted audiences and for publishers to monetize their mobile applications and websites. Credits and DAPP Retail will jointly enhance blockchain adoption by implementing Credits solutions at early-stage projects in various industries as well as promoting decentralized applications.


SH Capital is an investment banking company that specializes in advising projects on launching ICO. The company supports projects during all ICO stages with the aim of conducting it effectively without significant contributions. SH Capital will use Credits expertise in ICO launch to improve its services.


Securechain is a project that maintains a fast and secure cryptographic digital currency SecureCoin based on Bitcoin. The specifications of SecureCoin have been carefully chosen to maintain Bitcoin’s economic model. The aim of SecureCoin is to provide a secure, fast, and reliable network that is supported by active and involved developers. The coin was launched fairly with a staggered system and no coins mined prior to public launch. The long term vision of Securechain is to “Secure efficient social collaboration”. The project will use Credits decentralized solutions.


LendaBit is a fintech startup created by professionals with a unique mix of blockchain-based project experience, financial expertise, and global market intelligence with the aim of providing a top-class online lending platform. Credits will provide blockchain solutions for LendaBit to improve its area of expertise.


EvgSoft provides an expertise, development and full cycle implementation of a wide range of IT technologies including SAP, Oracle and project management services. EvgSoft will use Credits expertise to improve the company’s IT solutions for its customers.


ICO Glider is a licensed Estonia-based exchange created with the aim of providing a comprehensive support to those who wish to exchange cryptocurrency and participate in new disrupting ICO projects, and those who envisage launching their own ICO. The exchange charges a fixed 0.2% commission fee for trading. There is no commission for deposit or withdrawal of funds. ICO Glider partners with Credits in order to use its decentralized solutions.


Swachhcoin Foundation is a non profit blockchain-powered organization whose primary objective is to manage wastes from households and industries and efficiently convert them into useful products of high economic value. The organization’s goal is to make the existing waste management industries as efficient as possible to prevent the current waste management crisis all over the world. Swachhcoin will use Credits decentralized solutions to decrease human interference in waste management industry.


Virtual Rehab provides an innovative evidence-based solution for pain management, prevention of substance use disorders, and rehabilitation of repeat offenders by leveraging the advancements in virtual reality, artificial intelligence, and blockchain technologies. The project will use Credits blockchain expertise to provide its solutions as well as use CS tokens as a method of payment for the services.


Flatlay (CCOIN) provides a solid business model with patent-pending features to make mainstream adoption of the cryptocurrency with P2P, affiliate & content driven marketplaces & retailers. Credits will share its blockchain and cryptocurrency expertise to achieve its goals as well as accept CS token as a payment method during the project’s token sale.


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