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Credits team takes part in CONSENSUS: SINGAPORE 2018

The Head of Investor Relations Department Dmitriy Sheludko represented us at one of the largest blockchain conference in the world “CONSENSUS: SINGAPORE 2018”


“Consensus: Singapore” attracted over 8,000+ attendees,featured 75+ speakers and 50+ sponsors across 2 days full of powerful insights, industry announcements, and cross-industry networking.


Ledger, eToro, Kenetic Capital, Changelly, Zilliqa, Wanchain as well as plethora of other world-renowned projects were present at this major blockchain gathering.




Our objective was to meet new, promising projects. As always we’ve seen a growing interest in utilising our blockchain platform. Several partnerships were signed with the announcements coming  shortly”- Head of Investor Relations Department Dmitriy Sheludko said. “It's very important to understand that sharing experiences with emerging projects and new partnerships help Credits discover new concepts of the implementation of our solutions."- he adds.


Panel discussions started as early as 8 am as the biggest sharks of the blockchain world started to brainstorm  about the most vital questions of the industry. A discussion of the next generation wallets solutions as well as the new mechanisms for their mass adoption was among the most memorable ones. Experts agreed that the basic criteria for a wallet are the security environment and friendly user interface. It was also highlighted that it’s important not to forget about the developers community, respond to their requests and develop extra features of the product based on their feedback, and involve them in the creation of educational content.


You can watch the full video of the first day from conference the link below:



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