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Credits Enterprise launches to facilitate blockchain products integration

Credits launches Credits Enterprise division with a team dedicated to development of retail software solutions and seamless integration of Credits blockchain platform in businesses from various industries. New blockchain products are based on unique Credits technology consisting of consensus, transport and data validation protocols.


According to the World Bank estimates, blockchain spending value will grow from USD 2 billion in 2018 up to USD 150 billion by 2030. Blockchain remains a rapidly developing market with significant perspectives and low barriers to entry. By 2030 4,7% of financial products - deposits, bonds, futures, stocks totalling approximately USD 80 trillion  will use blockchain infrastructure. Gartner in its turn forecasts that blockchain will create USD 175 billion in business value by 2025 and USD 3,1 trillion by 2030. The annual growth rate of blockchain products and services demand for the next 12 years is forecasted at 80%. The key contributors to this growth and leaders in blockchain usage will be coming from financial industry, that will bring 46%, telecom, manufacturing and energetics should contribute 12% each.  


A variety of use cases in major industries cannot be implemented on a public blockchain, thus a necessity emerged to develop new blockchain solutions namely Credits Private blockchain, Credits SubChain, Credits Blockchain DataBase (DBMS) to implement Credits technology in accordance with their requirements of finance, the IoT, insurance, retail, e-commerce, consumer goods industries.


Credits Private blockchain


Credits Private blockchain is a fast and high-performing packaged solution for creating a distributed system for data storage with restricted access only for network participants.


Credits SubChain


Credits SubChain is a private blockchain validated by the Credits public blockchain. All data is stored in a private blockchain on clients’ servers without public access but associated for validation with Credits Public decentralized blockchain.


Credits Blockchain DataBase (DBMS) is a high speed and reliable system for storage and data management based on NoSQL+Blocks with unassisted data format configuration and automatic operation of stored procedures and triggers.


The new solutions will help achieve greater transparency, enhanced security, reduced costs, increased efficiency and speed of transactions and will further stimulate technology demand.


“Blockchain is certain to bring a technology revolution similar to the one that Internet brought to media. Credits Enterprise is a huge step forward for Credits that will effectively solve a plethora of business challenges, disrupt and transform traditional business models  by offering public and private blockchains along with storage and database solutions and thus contribute to blockchain adoption worldwide. The idea of creating Credits Enterprise is driven by a growing demand for Credits unique technology. We will keep moving forward and offer our clients the expanded  range of blockchain products and services”, commented Credits CEO & Founder Igor Chugunov.

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