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CS Listed on ABCC exchange

We are delighted to announce a listing of CS token on ABCC exchange. CS/BTC and CS/ETH trade pairs are available from February 1.


ABCC is a world-class Digital Assets exchange that is aimed to provide a frictionless, user-centric trading experience. ABCC focuses on helping investors identify valuable Decentralized Technology assets, offering a secure online trading platform and providing professional trading services.


In addition, ABCC exchange is going to celebrate CS listing with public Giveaway. During the giveaway period, all traders with the total trading amount of CS/BTC and CS/ETH greater than 30,000 CS will win a prize! The more you trade, the higher the rewards. Don't miss a chance to win a share of 7,000 USDT.


Giveaway Terms&Conditions


1. Withdrawal of any coins during the giveaway period (from 15:00, Feb 1 to 15:00, Feb 19, 2019 (UTC+8)) is not allowed; participants who do so will be deemed to give up the giveaway rewards;


2. All participants must complete KYC or enable SMS Authentication before 15:00 on Feb 8, 2019 (UTC+8);


3. All rewards will be credited into ABCC accounts before 24:00 on Feb 19, 2019 (UTC+8); all giveaway amounts are rounded to 3 decimal places;


4. If you have any inquiries regarding rewards and prize distribution, please submit a ticket within 5 days after the rewards distributed; tickets submitted outside this window will not be processed;


5. To facilitate fair play in this giveaway, participants with any cheating behavior detected, including but not limited to self-dealing, matched orders, wash trading detected will be disqualified immediately. ABCC reserves the right of the final interpretation of this Terms & Conditions.


Link for Giveaway

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