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Paris Blockchain Summit & Credits Meetup Report

Paris Blockchain Summit


Paris Blockchain Summit, the largest event of its kind in France, hosted over 500 attendees and 35 speakers including well-known influencers, investors, government representatives, blockchain developers, law firms and service providers. 

Credits team was represented by CEO & Founder Igor Chugunov, CTO Evgeny Butyaev, Advisor Christophe Ozcan and Ambassador Harald Benoliel.


On the 1st day of Paris Blockchain Summit Igor Chugunov took part in a panel discussion about the current progress and the tendencies of Blockchain technologies development. Discussions about the platform status and the future strategic plans Credits technologies development, networking with major international key players of the Blockchain industry and some agreements regarding mutually beneficial cooperation became an integral part of this event.


On the 2nd day of Paris Blockchain Summit Igor Chugunov presented Credits Blockchain Platform at its best, created a visual narrative about use cases of blockchain in IoT and Loyalty industries, it is worth noting that Credits team has already implemented Loyalty program on Credits platform. Demonstration of the Credits Monitor, WebWallet and Mainnet capabilities took place as well. Over the course of the presentation an immediate transactions of CS coins between two wallets, deployment of a smart contract with a token on Credits platform were showed in practice.


Credits Meetup in Paris 

Following the Summit, Credits team arranged its first Meetup in Paris. This type of events is very important for Credits team, local communities and entire course of project evolution as we are focused on ubiquitous spread of Credits technological ideology and project conception.

Credits ambassador Harald Benoliel made a great presentation about Credits use cases for Insurance sector, while Igor Chugunov was presenting Loyalty program and E-money use cases. CS team showcased the speed of transactions, smart contract creation and mobile wallet functionality. The general point of interaction with interested audience is to keep them updated on different subjects, so Igor together with other team representatives have shared personal experience of project management and spill the beans about unique developments of Credits company and its contribution to blockchain adoption worldwide. 

“A big thanks to all the organizers of the event who gave us an opportunity to share Credits piece of technology and form more clear picture around it. It was a pleasure to see how many supporters we have in France. We held a lot of constructive talks about Credits, partnerships and project’s role in building the future of Blockchain industry”, - summarised Igor Chugunov, CEO of Credits.

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