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Conference Report: Hong Kong Blockchain Week

CEO Igor Chugunov and CBO Dmitriy Sheludko represented Credits team at Hong Kong Blockchain Week 2019, which took place on 4-8 March, 2019.

Hong Kong Blockchain Week 2019 attracted over 3000+ attendees, including blockchain enthusiasts, technology experts, developers and investors. This was a great opportunity for Credits team to spread awareness of product among international key players in the crypto space, accelerating its globalisation process.

Hong Kong Blockchain Week 2019 featured 120+ speakers from all over the world, who covered the main topics of the event such as:

  • Blockchain and power: big government, regulation and awareness
  • Investment outlook into blockchain technology
  • Industry and practical blockchain applications
  • Financial services implements blockchain
  • Solving blockchain’s biggest tech challenges
  • Trusting blockchain: cybersecurity.

Over the course of the event Credits representatives held fruitful conversations about the current tendencies of Blockchain technology development with famous persons from this industry: Datadash, Herbert Sim, Michael Nye.

Dmitriy Sheludko introduced Credits to the leading blockchain integration companies across Hong Kong and Asian market. Preliminary agreements about potential cooperation in the field of Credits blockchain services integration to Big Asian financial companies and B2B sector have been reached.

“That's a honour for Credits team to take part in this kind of events. This is a really progressive approach to make nets globally. By networking with different people from different industries, interested in blockchain features, you would always come across new opportunities. These opportunities strengthen business in general. Through possibilities of networking, we have connected with highly background leaders of the industry, who can help us to bring our tech to the peak of innovation evolution”,- summarised Igor Chugunov.

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