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Credits & SubcoDevs Partnership

With a view to the Dapps development and work in this direction, Credits is pleased to announce a partnership with SubcoDevs. A company that is engaged in business technology development and whose main feature is building amazing mobile applications.

SubcoDevs has a highly qualified developers team with more than 8 years of experience. It became actively involved - and remains so to this day - in helping a wide range of clients from startups to Fortune 500+. The company looks forward to developing web and mobile applications and cooperating in this sphere in order to strengthen the capacity and to provide the best solutions for the most challenging projects. Here is a list of web/mobile app development services that SubcoDevs offers:

  • IOS/Android App Development (Apps with the highly researched and planned strategy backed by the latest technology)
  • Ruby On  Rails Web Design & Development (Creating easy-to-use - scalable websites and it is quite cost-effective as well as fast)
  • Expertise In Hardware Integration and Testing
  • PHP Web Development (Creating wonderfully designed PHP websites and developing all sorts of imaginations to build even more magical products.
  • React JS Web Development (Making flexible and efficient websites)

Credits and SubcoDevs understand the importance of app development and how apps have already revolutionized the world. That is why companies concurred with the desirability for focusing on the common efforts to enhance the positive trends of apps development and sharing good practices.

About Credits Blockchain Platform

Credits is an international company that was founded in 2015 and is located in the USA, Singapore and Russia. Credits offers public and private solutions to its clients in any field of business needs. The peculiarity of Credits is a high-speed decentralized blockchain platform that provides up to 1 million transactions per second with a confirmation time of a single transaction around 0.1 second and low fees around 0.001 USD. The platform is intended to develop standalone smart contracts and decentralized applications.

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