News / 3/7/2018

1K followers in our QQ group

We finally have 1K followers in our QQ group! Thanks everyone for your support!


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Videos / 2/1/2018
Huge interview with our CEO & Founder

Here is a new huge interview with CREDITS CEO and Founder Igor Chugunov and Sean Davis from Crypto For The People YouTube channel!

Articles / 3/6/2018
New update of our developer's journal

Get all the latest news on CREDITS blockchain platform Alpha version, token trading on exchanges and all the updates we have had recently.

Articles / 1/26/2018 has published an article about CREDITS has published a great article about the difference between CREDITS and ETHEREUM and what benefits CREDITS has.

News / 10/24/2017
Advisor on our Board Henrique Centieiro

We would like to introduce our Advisor - Henrique Centieiro - Business Consultant from Milano, Italy.  A specialist in cryptocurrencies and blockchain projects.