Articles / 3/8/2018

Growth during falling on the market

From the 6th of March CREDITS (CS) token is traded at ambitious Hong Kong exchange market! Our listing led to the big inflow of investors there. And it became a tradition already. When one week earlier we came to, their website fell for seven hours. In exchange chats, people joked: — CS breaks the exchanges with its listing, — trader Apuli wrote.


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Events, conferences, meetups / 1/19/2018
Igor Chugunov and Arjan Eikelenboom spoke at TNABC

CREDITS CEO & Founder Igor Chugunov and CREDITS Strategic Partner Arjan Eikelenboom spoke at TNABC in Miami on January 18th & 19th, 2018.

News / 2/13/2018
ICO participation for United States residents

Due to the latest SEC clarification and recent hearing in US Senate, we made a decision regarding contributors with US residency.

CREDITS in other news / 11/17/2017
Coinstaker published an article about CREDITS

Coinstaker published an article about CREDITS. You will know the principal differences between our project and platform. Here is the link to the article:

CREDITS in other news / 12/8/2017 published an article about CREDITS published an article about CREDITS. The platform is an example of how a system that has abandoned the system can create a secure decentralized environment.