About Credits / 5/8/2018

FP Complete will provide an initial assessment of CREDITS

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FP Complete development specialists will provide an initial assessment of CREDITS’ code as well as technical documentation. Follow the link for more details.

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CREDITS platform expands the possibilities of using blockchain technology in a real sector of the economy due to its technical characteristics.

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TheBitcoinNews published an article about CREDITS

TheBitcoinNews published an article about CREDITS. Our project is indeed a new breed of blockchain platform and we are pleased to present our startup: https://goo.gl/NF2wWa

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BharataFinance.com has published an interview with CREDITS platform CEO Igor Chugunov and CREDITS co-founder Evgeny Butaev.

News / 3/11/2017
New Advisor in our Board Christian Ferri
Let us introduce our Advisor - Christian Ferri, an executive with extensive experience executing transformations for both large blue chips and nimble start-ups.