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Credits Browser Extension

Credits is happy to launch an advantageous browser extension for Google Chrome & Opera - CESER. This handy extension from the Credits team allows you to connect directly to the blockchain Credits network without entering your private key on the websites. Developers are able to check Credits Browser Extension source code on Github.


CESER is a decentralized application that manages accounts and connects users to the Credits blockchain. It enables users to manage their wallets, make transactions and interact with decentralized applications in the most secure and easy way. Here are some of CESER’s features:

  • Allows users to manage their accounts and their keys with no context interaction of the site.
  • Allows developers of decentralized applications to integrate their products and services with official extension simplifying an interaction of user and product

Basic functionality

  • Create a wallet (public/private keys)
  • Create transactions
  • Receive transactions
  • Monitor account information
  • Connect and interact with dapps websites

Steps towards using CESER

  • To tap into the application using the following link -
  • Download the extension file
  • Unzip the downloaded folder
  • Go to the "Extensions" section of your browser (Chrome, Opera)
  • Enable the “Developer’s mode”
  • Press the “Install unzipped extension” button and select the installation Ceser folder
  • Log in and enjoy!

Be aware that the current version of an extension is Beta and is still under development. There will be several updates regarding design and SDK documentation further. Stay tuned and keep an eye on the latest news!

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