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Credits Team Attended WHITESPACE X - AFRICA HOUSE AT A GLANCE - 2019/2020

Credits team attended the WHITESPACE X - AFRICA HOUSE AT A GLANCE - 2019/2020 event on December 7th - 9th, 2019, in San Francisco, USA. The purpose of the team’s attendance was to build relationships with new and prospective projects and startups from Africa.

The WHITESPACE X - AFRICA HOUSE AT A GLANCE - 2019/2020 is a renowned global event focused on the African continent and its opportunities for business and technological development. The event was launched by Whitespace in its Silicon Valley campus, accelerating the expansion and growth of African companies and the African investment community in the US. The event is meant to connect African companies to critical US technology, mentors and ideas that can be applied to unique African requirements and customer needs, thus improving the lives of millions of people. One of the key purposes of the event is establishing collaboration among the US and African investors supporting African initiatives. AFRICA HOUSE was hosted to guide US tech companies on expansion onto the multiple and diverse national markets in Africa.

Whitespace, the organizer of the event, owns and co-operates working spaces in the Silicon Valley, Budapest, Stuttgart, Lagos + Mexico. The company builds and operates marketing platform subs in new geographic markets. The Whitespace team is dedicated to building lifetime affiliation between companies, mentors and investors, filling the “post-graduate” chasm between traditional accelerator programs and exit events. In addition, the team is focused on building international syndicates of institutional investors with common interests and investment focus. The team’s mentors include sector leaders in AI, food, automotive, consumer & enterprise software, digital health, digital media, branded products and the semiconductor industry.

The founders of Whitespace have worked as lawyers and advisors to Tesla Motors, Nuro Motors, Prezi, Hotmail, Anki & Tiveni and many other companies. The founders were engaged in many businesses and sold companies to Google, Facebook, Microsoft, Intel, Athena Health, Insight Ventures & Graham Partners and other leading industry representatives. US venture funds, such as Foundation Capital, NEA, Leap Frog, DCM, Bootstrap Labs & FinaVentures, and EU venture funds, such as Sunstone (Denmark), Creandum (Sweden), Day One (Hungary), Kibo (Spain) & Alliance Ventures (Norway) and others are close partners and colleagues of the founders of Whitespace.

The event was highly successful for the Credits project team as working relations and contacts were established with the representatives of a large number of companies. One of the companies the Credits team managed to contact was MWAMBA Mining. The team discussed the development of supply chain solutions for gold mining in Tanzania with the representatives of the company. The team also discussed the popularization of blockchain solutions in Nigeria with LSETF (Lagos State Employment Trust Fund). Supply chain solutions for mining were explored with Riis (The Research Institute for Innovation & Sustainability) Pretoria, South Africa. Several loyalty programs and ICO solutions for Africa-based technical tools were discussed with the team of Merge (Co-working place for Entrepreneurs and Investors in Johannesburg). The University of Largos (ESDC) Entrepreneurship & Skills Development Center team expressed interest in developing the education of blockchain in Africa and the Credits team agreed to provide several possible solutions.

The WHITESPACE X - AFRICA HOUSE AT A GLANCE - 2019/2020 event proved highly successful for the Credits team as it opened new opportunities for the development of the project on the African market. The numerous working relations and potential projects discussed with the representatives of African businesses are an important step to popularizing blockchain solutions among local businesses.

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