Technical news / 2/24/2018
CREDITS sets records

CREDITS Blockchain platform has a unique structure designed specifically to achieve certain technical characteristics.

News / 2/23/2018
CryptoGaule is our new user

CryptoGaule aim to develop a debit card with an online banking platform based on CREDITS blockchain platform.

Articles / 2/23/2018
Blockchain in smart car industry

How does decentralized network improve the operation of smart cars? What are the security issues and how they can be solved?

News / 2/22/2018
How to change old tokens for new tokens

Dear CREDITS community, please check a step-by-step instruction on how to exchange old tokens (pre-ICO) for new tokens(ICO).

News / 2/22/2018
Welcome our new user GiirBox

GiirBox was funded by a group of high-tech veterans focusing on revolutionizing the “in-cab” advertising market.

Articles / 2/22/2018
New article on Coinstelegram

CREDITS CEO and Founder Igor Chugunov and CREDITS CTO and Co-Founder Evgeny Butyaev spoke about CREDITS succesful ICO.

News / 2/21/2018
Welcome Soma as our new user

Soma is a revolutionary decentralized platform which facilitates trade inside the Soma Community.

News / 2/21/2018
Meet our new user HappyCoin

HappyCoin is a digital currency designed for use of peer-to-peer technology to operate with no central authority.

News / 2/21/2018
TiesDB and CREDITS cooperation

TiesDB and Credits would benefit from Credits’ private blockchain infrastructure.

News / 2/21/2018
10K followers in our Twitter account

We are SO excited that we have 10K followers in our Twitter! Thank you guys for being with us!

Articles / 2/21/2018
Using blockchain in banking sphere

Our advisor, developers and CEO give their comments about the perspectives of blockchain in banking.

News / 2/20/2018
Welcome TWEX as our new user

TWEX Limited is a UK based company that was incorporated to run a crowd lending platform.

News / 2/20/2018
Meet our new user RealCasino

RealCasino is a distributed Global casino that utilises Blockchain and smart contracts.

News / 2/20/2018
Meet our next partner IBSCG MEDICAL

IBSCG MEDICAL is a society of Services and Services in Medical Engineering founded by a Physician and an Engineer.

News / 2/20/2018
CREDITS succesfully completed ICO

To all credits community, CREDITS completed ICO in less than 17 hours and raised 20 000 000 USD (23923,45 ETH) hard cap!

Articles / 2/20/2018
Smart city with blockchain technology

Smart buildings, smart infrastructure, smart water system it's all can be possible with blockchain technology.

News / 2/19/2018
Welcome our next user Octanox

Octanox is a secure, innovative and decentralized low transaction cost payment system, which  provides virtual economy Infrastructure and supporting humanity and virtual activity. 

Articles / 2/19/2018
Smart contracts in real estate industry

 Why CREDITS blockchain platform is a good solution for real estate and any other area?

News / 2/18/2018
CREDITS ICO reached hard cap

CREDITS ICO reached hard cap! We are thankful to everyone who supported us and believed in our project.

News / 2/18/2018
Thanks for your trust in CREDITS

Thanks for your trust in our project. We are working on the project for 3 years including 1 year on the ICO.

News / 2/17/2018
CREDITS platform alpha version is available

Developers of CREDITS are ready to present the first alpha version of the platform. Find out all the details and functionalities here.

News / 2/15/2018
Meet TravelChain as our new user

We would like to present our strategic partner TravelChain – decentralized data exchange for the travel industry.

News / 2/14/2018
Blockchain stands guard over love

No one will be lonely anymore. From now on blockchain technology and smart contracts stand guard over love.

News / 2/13/2018
ICO participation for United States residents

Due to the latest SEC clarification and recent hearing in US Senate, we made a decision regarding contributors with US residency.

News / 2/13/2018
Important update about Alpha-version release

CREDITS team has an important update about Alpha-version release, whitelist, ICO dates and details

News / 2/13/2018
25K followers in our Telegram group!

25K followers in our telegram group! Our comunity grows with absolutely insane speed! Just a huge thank you, guys, and thats it!

News / 2/12/2018
Welcome our next user BeeFee

BeeFee provides casino and live betting platform, web development and game development studio. 

News / 2/9/2018
Welcome our next user BurntJam

BurntJam is an enterprise development house specializing in simplifying complex enterprise problems with complete enterprise solutions.

Events, conferences, meetups / 2/9/2018
CREDITS participated at IEEE 4th World Forum

CREDITS CEO and Founder Igor Chugunov has recently visited IEEE 4th World Forum on Internet of Things in Singapore.

News / 2/8/2018
Welcome our new user Aiternis

Aiternis is a global clinical blockchain platform and marketplace designed to accelerate medical research and improve patient care.