News / 4/5/2018
New update of pre-Beta is available

A new update of CREDITS pre-beta is now available for download.  Please uninstall the older version prior to installing the updated one.

News / 4/3/2018
Chinese article contest has been finished

Our Chinese article contest has been finished! Thanks everyone for participating! And the winner is…

News / 3/30/2018
Functionality of CREDITS blockchain platform Pre-Beta version

CREDITS are delighted to present the open pre-Beta version of the platform. In this article, we take a closer look at the available functionality of the platform.

News / 3/30/2018
CS/USDT trading pair on the KuCoin exchange

We are glad to inform you about the adding of a CS/USDT trading pair on the KuCoin exchange.

News / 3/29/2018
Description of pre-beta release of Credits platform

We are happy to present an open pre-beta version of the platform. The updated system launch is scheduled for March 29.

News / 3/26/2018
CREDITS to list on LBank on March 27

On March 27, CREDITS is to be listed on yet another – the sixth – digital asset trading platform, LBank!

News / 3/22/2018
Voting for the best Chinese article is available now

The first step of our Chinese article contest is finished! We would like to thank everyone who sent their articles to us to participate. 

News / 3/22/2018
Alpha version test video with new subtitles

You can now watch the video with Arabic, Spanish, Chinese, Korean, Portuguese, Turkish, Hindi and Japanese subtitles!

News / 3/21/2018
Follow CREDITS on TradingView

Follow CREDITS on TradingView to get access to genuine analyses and market insights provided by our Analytical Department.

News / 3/20/2018
2K subscribers on our YouTube channel

We are so excited that the amount of our youtube subscribers is constantly growing! Our recent video already has almost 10,000 views!

News / 3/19/2018
Meet our new user Messenger Bank

Messenger Bank is a decentralized banking platform which is fully licensed as a traditional bank.

News / 3/19/2018
We have 15K followers in our Twitter

We are so excited to share with you that we have 15K followers in our Twitter! Thank you all, guys!

News / 3/16/2018
We've prolonged the Chinese article contest

We recieved a HUGE interest to our article contest, so we want to give 5 more days to our chinese speaking followers to participate! 

News / 3/15/2018
CREDITS crypto informer is available now

We are very excited to share with you our CREDITS crypto informer Chrome Extension which allows you to track price changes! 

News / 3/14/2018
New section on our website - use cases

We want to share with you our new articles on how blockchain can be used in a different spheres of our life.

News / 3/12/2018
6K followers on Facebook page

It’s 6K followers on our facebook page! Thanks everyone for being with us! Follow us everywhere to get all news and updates!

News / 3/7/2018
1K followers in our QQ group

We finally have 1K followers in our QQ group! Don't hesitate to follow us everywhere to get more news and updates!

News / 3/7/2018
KuCoin x CREDITS 5 BTC giveaway

KuCoin and CREDITS are happy to announce a giveaway to celebrate the listing of CS on KuCoin.

News / 3/7/2018
CREDITS on exchange

We are glad to inform you that CREDITS (CS) gets listed on exchange! Take the opportunity to get your CREDITS tokens!

News / 3/6/2018
CREDITS on KuCoin exchange

We are extremly proud to announce our listing on the KuCoin exchange!

News / 3/5/2018
ICO report & token sale results

We would like to thank every member who has joined our movement for their interest and support.

News / 3/5/2018
1K subscribers on CREDITS youtube channel

1K subscribers on our YouTube channel! Congratulations to us and a big thanks to our community!