Technical news / 5/17/2018
Developer’s Journal #12
Technical news / 5/11/2018
Developer’s Journal #11
Technical news / 5/2/2018
Developer’s Journal #10
Technical news / 4/26/2018
New update of Pre-Beta v
Technical news / 4/26/2018
Developer’s Journal #9
Technical news / 4/26/2018
CREDITS is looking for testers
Technical news / 4/25/2018
New update on GitHub is available on open sources.

New update on GitHub is available on open sources.

Technical news / 4/20/2018
Developer’s Journal #8
Technical news / 4/19/2018
CREDITS: Peer-to-peer (P2P) network and it's components

Check out a new article on Medium about CREDITS Peer-to-peer (P2P) network and its components.

Technical news / 4/13/2018
New update of Pre-Beta v
Technical news / 4/11/2018
Developer's journal #7 is out on Medium!
Technical news / 3/14/2018
Enjoy playing the game about CREDITS

One of our community members has created a game about CREDITS! Enjoy playing the game!

Technical news / 3/10/2018
CREDITS code is available on GitHub

CREDITS, a new blockchain platform, has announced that the part of its code is available on GitHub now.

Technical news / 2/24/2018
CREDITS sets records

CREDITS Blockchain platform has a unique structure designed specifically to achieve certain technical characteristics.

Technical news / 1/18/2018
Alpha version characteristics and system functionality

We are getting closer to launching Alpha version of the platform and it's time to present it’s technical characteristics and system functionality.

Technical news / 1/17/2018
CREDITS is conducting load testing of the platform

CREDITS development team is now conducting load testing of CREDITS platform.  The main goal is to check platform capacity during network loads and asymmetric work of nodes.

Technical news / 1/11/2018
Getting closer to Alpha version release: smart contracts testing

At the moment we are testing the operation of smart-contracts. After that there will be only one last step left before releasing Alpha version: the final testing of the entire system.

Technical news / 12/29/2017
Peer-to-peer network testing starts tomorrow

Testing includes connecting nodes, conducting the first transactions, transfering credits currency between accounts and emulating the error of double spending.

Technical news / 12/25/2017
CREDITS is getting ready to release Alpha-version

CREDITS is starting the publication of initial platform code. In the New Year’s Eve publication of the processing nucleus of smart contracts will be announced.