News / 10/20/2017
We published our presentation with 21 slides

CREDITS blockchain platform published the official Presentation of the project. On our website we published a large presentation of 21 slides.

News / 10/11/2017
Meet Advisor on our Board Christophe Ozcan

Meet our advisor Christophe Ozcan from NY. CEO & Co-founder at Crypto4All, Blockchain Ecosystem Advisor at Rockchain, Blockchain commission member at AFNOR Group.

News / 10/10/2017
CREDITS - the new Blockchain Platform

New Technology, Fast transactions, Cheap rates and Less time. CREDITS is on the way of optimizing your business life.  Speed and cost are two main factors!

News / 9/11/2017
New Advisor in our Board Artjom Aminov

Developer and architect of high-availability server-side applications based on blockchain technologies.

New events / 9/11/2017
GCC Blockchain Conference in Dubai

At the GCC Blockchain Conference in Dubai on 22 November hear our CEO Igor Chugunov talk about CREDITS project and its contribution. More info here:

Events / 9/11/2017
Luxembourg Crypto-finance meetup

Thanks for joining our meetup in Luxembourg! CEO Igor Chugunov and CTO Evgeny Butyaev shared insights and perspectives of CREDITS platform.

Events / 7/11/2017
CREDITS meetup in Saint-Petersburg, Russia

CREDITS blockchain platform held a meetup in Saint-Petersburg, Russia on 28 November 2017. Our CTO and Head of Investment Relations presented the project. 

Events / 7/11/2017
CREDITS meetup in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

CEO Igor Chugunov and CTO Evgeny Butyaev presented CREDITS project and outlined the advantages of joining our unique blockchain platform


News / 7/11/2017
CREDITS now has a News section

We've added a News section on our site, so you can be the first to know about product updates, upcoming events and new team members!

New events / 6/11/2017
CREDITS meetup in Paris on 6 November

Today 06 Nov in Paris France there will be a CREDITS blockchain  meetup, where you can hear more about the project and ask any questions you may have.

New events / 3/11/2017
Kuala Lumpur Blockchain And Cryptocurrency Meetup
CEO Igor Chugunov will participate in a meetup covering blockchain for finance, funding and cryptocurrency trend, challenges and opportunities. More info here:
Events / 3/11/2017
Credits pre-ICO meetup in Singapore on 2 November

CEO Igor Chugunov and CTO Evgeny Butyaev presented CREDITS project and outlined the advantages of joining our unique blockchain platform.

News / 3/11/2017
New Advisor in our Board Christian Ferri
Let us introduce our Advisor - Christian Ferri, an executive with extensive experience executing transformations for both large blue chips and nimble start-ups.
News / 3/11/2017
We took the second place among "Favourite startup"
CREDITS blockchain and speaker Igor Chugunov took part in SuperCharged Open Pitch Competition in Hong Kong 26.10.2017.
News / 3/11/2017
CREDITS News! We received a new payment
We received a new payment 33 Eth or 10 000$ in pre-ICO Whitelist. Total contribution is 818 Eth or about $300k. Etherscan
News / 3/11/2017
New Advisor in our Board Tyler Perry-Smith
Tyler Perry-Smith about CREDITS: "CREDITS can be the catalyst that takes blockchain functionality to mainstream business operations!"
News / 3/11/2017
CREDITS New Head of Investment Relations Department
Let us introduce David Kolmakhidze - consultant in blockchain projects and a expert in marketing strategy ICO. Six years of experience in investment in cryptocurrency
News / 3/11/2017
CREDITS Team Leader and Senior Software Developer
Let us introduce Valentin Antonov - an experienced programmer and architect building complex and high-loaded systems for the financial and banking sectors.
News / 1/11/2017
CREDITS: White list for Pre-ICO has started

We are now accepting applications from early investors who wish to participate in our PRE-ICO campaign. We are offering bonuses for early participation