Articles / 4/14/2018
“Clouds” in a cloudless future
Technical news / 4/13/2018
New update of Pre-Beta v
Events / 4/11/2018
Update meetup in Shanghai
Technical news / 4/11/2018
Developer's journal #7 is out on Medium!
Articles / 4/10/2018
New article about blockchain-based messengers

What benefits could a blockchain-based messenger offer and how it can solve current problems? Find out in our new article on Medium. 

Events / 4/9/2018
CREDITS at Hey! Blockchain Conference

CREDITS CTO & Co-Founder Eugeniy Butyaev and COO David Kolmakhidze will take part in Hey! Blockchain Conference in Hanoi, Vietnam on April 22.

Articles / 4/6/2018
New article about blockchain and oil industry

In our new article on Medium we explain how blockchain can be implemented into the oil industry.

Events / 4/6/2018
CREDITS at Seamless Middle East conference

CREDITS CEO & Founder Igor Chugunov will participate at Seamless Middle East conference in Dubai on April 15-16.

News / 4/5/2018
New update of pre-Beta is available

A new update of CREDITS pre-beta is now available for download.  Please uninstall the older version prior to installing the updated one.

Articles / 4/5/2018
Blockchain is the key to the Internet of Things in medicine

A blockchain can literally save lives by quickly transmitting the data about current health conditions to medical personnel.

Events / 4/5/2018
CREDITS will take part in 2nd Global Fintech & Blockchain China Summit

CREDITS CEO & Founder Igor Chugunov will take part in 2nd Global Fintech & Blockchain China Summit 2018 in Shanghai on April 12. 

Articles / 4/4/2018
Blockchain can solve problems in the hotel industry

Our new article on Medium explains how blockchain and smart contracts can solve problems in the hotel industry.

Articles / 4/4/2018
The sixth part of our developer's journal is out!

t has been a very eventful week. Most importantly, our team has launched a pre-beta version of the CREDITS platform.

News / 4/3/2018
Chinese article contest has been finished

Our Chinese article contest has been finished! Thanks everyone for participating! And the winner is…

Articles / 4/3/2018
CREDITS token is now available on CoinBene

Today, the CREDITS token will become available for trading on yet another stock market ranked in the Top 20, CoinBene.

Articles / 4/2/2018
A new format of business relationships

Get everything on how blockchain can change business relationships and save up to 30% of resources for small and medium-sized businesses.

News / 3/30/2018
Functionality of CREDITS blockchain platform Pre-Beta version

CREDITS are delighted to present the open pre-Beta version of the platform. In this article, we take a closer look at the available functionality of the platform.

News / 3/30/2018
CS/USDT trading pair on the KuCoin exchange

We are glad to inform you about the adding of a CS/USDT trading pair on the KuCoin exchange.

News / 3/29/2018
Description of pre-beta release of Credits platform

We are happy to present an open pre-beta version of the platform. The updated system launch is scheduled for March 29.

Articles / 3/29/2018
Explosive growth of CS token repeated amid the falling cryptocurrency market

Head of Investor Relations at CREDITS explains explosive growth of CS token repeated amid the falling cryptocurrency market.

Articles / 3/28/2018
How blockchain change the automotive sector

Read our new article on Medium to get all information about blockchain in the automotive sector.

Articles / 3/28/2018
Developer's journal #5 is out

We are sharing with you all the main platform development news and CREDITS software optimization for UNIX. Check it out!

Articles / 3/27/2018
Lending robot under smart contracts

Financial services on the blockchain and under smart contracts are expected to become mainstream as early as the first half of the 2020s.

News / 3/26/2018
CREDITS to list on LBank on March 27

On March 27, CREDITS is to be listed on yet another – the sixth – digital asset trading platform, LBank!

Articles / 3/26/2018
New article on Medium on how blockchain can save Africa

Blockchain technology can solve problems not only in medicine, banking and e-government, it can be a great solution for countries with emerging economies. 

Articles / 3/23/2018
How blockchain can be related to diamonds

How blockchain can be related to diamonds? Blockchain solves the problem of fakes and consumer mistrust. 

Articles / 3/23/2018
How blockchain can be implemented in medicine

Blockchain technology can revolutionize data processing in the whole medicine sector. 

News / 3/22/2018
Voting for the best Chinese article is available now

The first step of our Chinese article contest is finished! We would like to thank everyone who sent their articles to us to participate.