News / 3/5/2018
ICO report & token sale results

We would like to thank every member who has joined our movement for their interest and support.

News / 3/5/2018
1K subscribers on CREDITS youtube channel

1K subscribers on our YouTube channel! Congratulations to us and a big thanks to our community!

News / 3/5/2018
Will CREDITS be cryptocurrency №1?

The CREDITS (CS) platform cryptocurrency has been trading on the exchanges since March, 2.

News / 3/4/2018
CREDITS competition for the best article

CREDITS is excited to announce a creative contest for you guys! Our team is waiting for your best articles in Chinese language!

News / 3/3/2018
CS has reached over 2 000 000 $ volume

We are proud to share that CREDITS token has reached over $2 000 000 volume during last 24 hours. Thanks everyone!

News / 3/3/2018
CREDITS tokens on Coinmarketcap

CREDITS tokens are availaible on CoinMarketCap now! Check it out by following the link.

News / 3/2/2018
Take a look at CREDITS monitor

You can see how many users are testing our Alpha version. We are so proud that our Alpha gets so much attention!

News / 3/2/2018
CREDITS tokens unlocked

Dear community, we are glad to announce that CS tokens were unlocked and are transferable. 

Articles / 3/2/2018
New article about CREDITS on Blogtienao

Find out why smart-contracts, its possibilities and advantages. and Why smart contracts are the fourth industrial revolution.

Articles / 3/1/2018
New article about CREDITS on Bitcoinmag

Here is a new article about CREDITS for our german-speaking followers by

Events / 3/1/2018
CREDITS at Blockchain Finance & Fintech conference

CREDITS will took part in 4 th Annual Blockchain Finance & Fintech  China 2018 in Shanghai.

News / 3/1/2018
Welcome our new user ENTRY

 ENTRY has the goal to be the gateway between the traditional and new financial paradigms and systems.

News / 2/28/2018
Our new regular column on Medium

Our developenment team headed by СТО Eugeniy Butyaev reports weekly on the work done. 

News / 2/28/2018
Welcome our new user Skychain

Skychain is a blockchain infrustructure aimed to host, train and use artificial intelligence in healthcare.

Events / 2/28/2018
CREDITS at Crypto Investor Show

CREDITS CEO & Founder Igor Chugunov will participate in Crypto Investor Show in March 10 in London.

News / 2/27/2018
Meet our new user Granatum.Solutions

Granatum.Solutions is the e-learning platform for making decisions inside a big corporation.

News / 2/27/2018
Our new user is LiveTree Adept

LiveTree Adept is world's first blockchain film and TV rights funding and distribution platform. 

News / 2/27/2018
Welcome our new user WandX

WandX seeks to establish an infrastructure for decentralized creation and trade of ERC20 Tokens.

News / 2/26/2018
Meet our new user FintechBloq

Credits provides FintechBloq with autonomous platfrom and smart contract services. 

News / 2/26/2018
Welcome our new user Citowise

Citowise is the platform which provides a wallet that allows users ultimate control of their funds.

Articles / 2/26/2018
IoT and blockchain in medicine

How blockchain can be implemented into medicine? And how blockchain can improve the quality of our life?

News / 2/25/2018
Meet our new user IBDI Group

The institute was created with the aim of supporting and developing blockchain technology around the world.

Technical news / 2/24/2018
CREDITS sets records

CREDITS Blockchain platform has a unique structure designed specifically to achieve certain technical characteristics.

News / 2/23/2018
CryptoGaule is our new user

CryptoGaule aim to develop a debit card with an online banking platform based on CREDITS blockchain platform.

Articles / 2/23/2018
Blockchain in smart car industry

How does decentralized network improve the operation of smart cars? What are the security issues and how they can be solved?

Articles / 2/22/2018
New article on Coinstelegram

CREDITS CEO and Founder Igor Chugunov and CREDITS CTO and Co-Founder Evgeny Butyaev spoke about CREDITS succesful ICO.

News / 2/22/2018
How to change old tokens for new tokens

Dear CREDITS community, please check a step-by-step instruction on how to exchange old tokens (pre-ICO) for new tokens(ICO).

News / 2/22/2018
Welcome our new user GiirBox

GiirBox was funded by a group of high-tech veterans focusing on revolutionizing the “in-cab” advertising market.

News / 2/21/2018
Welcome Soma as our new user

Soma is a revolutionary decentralized platform which facilitates trade inside the Soma Community.

News / 2/21/2018
Meet our new user HappyCoin

HappyCoin is a digital currency designed for use of peer-to-peer technology to operate with no central authority.