Events / 1/17/2018
Igor Chugunov spoke at UNLOCK Blockchain Forum in Dubai
CREDITS CEO & Founder Igor Chugunov has participated in UNLOCK Blockchain Forum on January 14th-15th 2018 at Ritz Carlton Hotel DIFC in Dubai, UAE, as a speaker.
CREDITS in other news / 1/16/2018
Everything about CREDITS at BitcoinExchangeGuide

BitcoinExchangeGuide has made a full review of CREDITS including key advantages of the platform, technical features and specifications, token sale.

CREDITS in other news / 1/16/2018
Blockalive published CREDITS ICO details

The Alpha version of the platform will be launched very soon, therefore the ICO date was postponed to February 1, 2018 so that everyone could see how the platform works.

Events / 1/14/2018
CREDITS CEO will attend TNABC in Miami

CREDITS CEO & Founder Igor Chugunov will present the project's upcoming ICO and answer questions on the topic at TNABC on January 18th & 19th, 2018 in Miami.

Videos / 1/13/2018

CREDITS CEO & Founder Igor Chugunov and CTO & CoFounder Evgeny Butyaev show key advantages of CREDITS blockchain platform on CREDITS YouTube Channel.

CREDITS in other news / 1/13/2018
CREDITS ICO is one of the most promising one to invest in 2018

Top Brazilian news website Guia Do Bitcoin mentioned CREDITS ICO project as the most promising ICO project to invest in 2018. ICO starts on February 1st.

Technical news / 1/11/2018
Getting closer to Alpha version release: smart contracts testing

At the moment we are testing the operation of smart-contracts. After that there will be only one last step left before releasing Alpha version: the final testing of the entire system.

CREDITS in other news / 1/11/2018
CREDITS CEO shared ICO Project & Goals with Bitsify

Early closing of CREDITS pre-ICO clearly showed that the project is appealing to people from all over the world, that is why CREDITS started a preliminary Whitelist registration.

Events / 1/10/2018
CREDITS CEO will attend UNLOCK Blockchain Forum

CREDITS CEO Igor Chugunov will share the advantages of the platform and how institutions can implement CREDITS to create efficient businesses.

Articles / 1/9/2018
Transaction speed: transfer within CREDITS

Data transfer time within CREDITS platform considerably outruns familiar methods such as a bank transfer. Check the difference between “old” and “new” transactions.

Articles / 1/8/2018
Can there be a blockchain without mining?

Check out our blog post which gives answers to several curious questions about blockchain and mining and how a platform without mining works.

CREDITS in other news / 1/8/2018 published an article about CREDITS

CREDITS platform successfully finished pre-ICO 4 days before the official end date. Early closing of pre-ICO showed that the project is appealing to people from all over the world.

Articles / 1/7/2018
Terms & conditions of CREDITS ICO campaign

We take care of our contributors and want everyone to know what we do and how we act. Please look through terms and conditions of CREDITS ICO campaign.

CREDITS in other news / 1/6/2018
Altcoinalerts reveals CREDITS ICO details

Credits aims to replace old technologies for new approaches to the construction of registry, processing, consensus, preservation, and data transmission.

CREDITS in other news / 1/5/2018
ZyCrypto revealed details of CREDITS upcoming ICO

CREDITS blockchain platform has successfully completed pre-ICO, collecting $3 million investments 4 days before the official end date.

CREDITS in other news / 1/4/2018
CryptoPotato has discussed CREDITS with its CEO

CryptoPotato has discussed CREDITS roadmap, major competitors, team members and smart contracts with its CEO Igor Chugunov.

CREDITS in other news / 1/3/2018
Bitsify published CREDITS ICO summary

CREDITS platform expands the possibilities of using blockchain technology in a real sector of the economy due to its technical characteristics.

News / 12/30/2017
What has CREDITS achieved in 2017?

We have launched MVP and Pre-Alpha version, released White-Paper, applied for a Consensus patent issue. We have closed Pre-ICO Hard Cap 5 days ahead of schedule!

CREDITS in other news / 12/29/2017 featured CREDITS in a news report

Vietnamese TV Channel reports about CREDITS advantages and opportunities of various industries to implement CREDITS blockchain.

Technical news / 12/29/2017
Peer-to-peer network testing starts tomorrow

Testing includes connecting nodes, conducting the first transactions, transfering credits currency between accounts and emulating the error of double spending.

News / 12/28/2017
To all CREDITS community: ICO starts on February 1, 2018

We want to make sure the Alpha version is released before we begin the ICO so that everyone interested in our project could test the product before making a decision. 

Events / 12/27/2017
CREDITS team member visited Global Blockchain Conference

Conference speakers have discussed common problems faced by regulation around Blockchain technology, cryptocurrencies & ICO’s.

CREDITS in other news / 12/26/2017
Bitcoin Warrior discussed smart contracts with Igor Chugunov

CREDITS provides smart contracts, digital versions of paper documents created with software and math tools, that simplify the process of preparing any agreements.

Technical news / 12/25/2017
CREDITS is getting ready to release Alpha-version

CREDITS is starting the publication of initial platform code. In the New Year’s Eve publication of the processing nucleus of smart contracts will be announced. 

News / 12/22/2017
Why CREDITS still hasn’t shared its program code on GitHub?

We’re frequently asked why we still haven’t shared our program code on GitHub. The answer is simple — we take care of our contributors.

News / 12/22/2017
Ethereum is $638.86 USD – high time to buy CREDITS tokens

The entire cryptocurrency market is in the red zone affected by the price reduction for Altcoins. Even Bitcoin has unstable situation losing 23% in price during a day.

CREDITS in other news / 12/19/2017
CryptoCapitalNews published an interview with CREDITS CEO

CREDITS CEO Igor Chugunov talks about the peculiarities of the project, members of the team, plans for the future and discloses the project’s plans for ICO.

News / 12/16/2017
Information about pre-ICO conditions, terms and dates

Press release about changing of terms pre-ICO, some conditions in ICO and technical problems during the pre-ICO. We changed some dates. Please read it.

New events / 12/15/2017
CREDITS: Global BlockChain Conference in New Delhi

CREDITS will take part in Global BlockChain Conference in New Delhi on 18-19th of Dec. The event is focused on regulation around Blockchain, cryptocurrencies and startups.

New events / 12/15/2017
CREDITS: Unlock Blockchain Forum in Dubai

CREDITS will participate in Unlock Blockchain Forum in Dubai on 14th of Jan 2018. Our CEO Igor Chugunov will share fundamental principles of CREDITS project.