All news published an article about CREDITS published an article about CREDITS. The article is about CryptoKitties application which is gaining popularity across the world. This application generates one animal every 15 minutes, and it will continue throughout the year until November 2018. According to the developers, it is possible to cross kitties with each other and get new breeds of animals.

But due to high overload, most transactions are not performed at all or shown as pending which causes significant delays for those who want to buy kitties. As a result, the whole Ethereum environment is in danger.

One of the blockchain platforms that promises to solve the problem of transactions’ overload is CREDITS which provides over 1 million transactions per second.

According to the founder of the project Igor Chugunov, a new unique blockchain was developed for the platform, where each block is assigned with a unique number. If necessary, the required blocks are loaded from the other nodes, and partial deciphering is implemented to validate them which also speeds up the process.

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