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Node (a full node) is a desktop application (a local Windows user application). It has an open API (application programming interface).

Implemented in C++. It's a complete node and eWallet, and provides the following set of functions:
- Participation in the consensus algorithm;
- Storage of public registry blockchain with all transactions;
- Performing value transfer transactions: CS and tokens released on the CREDITS platform;
- Allowing for account balance check;
- Creating an account/eWallet;
- Developing, compilation and deploying of a smart contract;
- Issuance of internal tokens that work on the platform/CREDITS protocol;
- Smart contract testing;
- Execution of smart contract functions/methods (like ‘execute’, ‘save’, ‘approve’, ‘view’, ‘check’, etc.).

Smart contracts are developed in Java in Eclipse, NetBeance and other environments with Java support. Compilation of the developed program code is in the CREDITS desktop application.
The smart contract module provides:
- Turing-completeness;
- The cycle of smart contracts operation;
- Issuance of tokens as a type of smart contract.

Application programming interface (API) works with smart contracts on external systems. The inversions: an external system – a smart contract/ a smart contract – an external system.