First users of CREDITS platform |

First Users

More than a hundred projects are ready to implement the CREDITS platform to develop their DAPP services on blockchain.
Ties.DB company wants to have a decentralized database on CREDITS Platform, so their clients will be able to use internal cryptocurrency of CREDITS to pay for the data.
Ties.DB is the answer to the DApp storage and is building the world's first decentralized public smart database. Enforced by integrated fault tolerance, incentive schemes and smart contracts.
CREDITS provides full service to build tokenized insurance asset.
DAYS is establishing a "healthcare crypto economy". DAYS is the world's first insurance tokenized asset that converts the demand for life longevity into an investment in anti-aging medicine.
CQ9 is using CREDITS platform as a base for building their gambling industry.
CQ9 has developed more than 70 slot games and each slot game is based on a different mathematical model. All of their slot games are developed in HTML5, so their games have great compatibility with different devices and browsers ensuring players have a great experience with their games.
CREDITS helps in Aiternis storing of medical data and rapid access to its information.
Aiternis is a global clinical blockchain platform and marketplace designed to accelerate medical research and improve patient care.
CREDITS platform's capabilities will help BurntJam to realize its Dipforge and Rednode products.
BurntJam is an enterprise development organization specializing in the simplification of complex enterprise problems by providing complete enterprise solutions. They do this through their use of world’s leading technology and their wealth of enterprise experience.
TravelChain is our strategic partner, which is based on their own decentralized blockchain it is a platform for millions of users, and they are very interested in the opportunities of CREDITS platform.
TravelChain gives businesses an opportunity to know their customers and gives travelers a customized service and cashback with cryptocurrency for the data they have shared.
TWEX will use the speed and volume of transactions of CREDITS platform to trade crypto currency and provide liquidity on its platform.
TWEX will utilize the speed of the CREDITS platform and it's ability to handle a high volume of transactions, to trade cryptocurrency and provide liquidity for their platform.
CREDITS provides Octanox with fast network and low fee for transactions.
Octanox is a low transaction cost payment system, secure, innovative and decentralized.
IBSCG medical
CREDITS introduces IBSCG MEDICAL with new secured measures for keeping authentic and anonymously real time personal data in decentralized manner.
IBSCG MEDICAL is a Company of Medical Engineering Services founded by a Doctor and an Engineer, Medicine graduates and Business Intelligence.
RealCasino is going to test Alpha version and in the future they are planning to develop live gaming solutions basis on CREDITS platform.
RealCasino is an Ethereum powered distributed Global casino that utilises Blockchain and smart contracts.
CREDITS will optimize expense on commission transactions of Soma
Soma is a revolutionary decentralized platform which facilitates trade inside the Soma Community through a rewarding system that enables beneficial collaboration of the community members.
CREDITS provides HappyCoin with high speed and low price transactions
HappyCoin is a digital currency designed for use of peer-to-peer technology to operate with no central authority; managing transactions and issuing money is carried out collectively by the network.
Crypto Gaule SAS
We aim to develop a debit card with a online banking platform based on CREDITS blockchain platform, so that every french speaking person can use a CGL debit card at all french merchants.
CryptoGaule (CGL) will be a cryptocurrency 100% made in france. it's based on a fork of litecoin technology. We aim to develop a debit card with a online banking platform, so that every french speaking person can use a CGL debit card at all french merchants.
GiirBox inc.
On the CREDITS blockchain platform, we are going to build the world’s first, real-time online mobile platform for safe and secure compensation of promotional offers in the leisure market.
Taxi drivers, hotel concierges, and Airbnb hosts use our mobile online marketplace to promote restaurants and other tourist attractions to visitors in major tourist cities
CREDITS provides Fintech with autonomous platfrom and smart contract services.
Blockchain Innovation Hub for Financial Institutions and Fintech Startups
CREDITS is a partner and the participant of various events of IBDI GROUP
IBDI Group ia an organization that unites associations of blockchain community
Providing tools for ICOs to get launched on CREDITS platform.
The platform provides a wallet that allows users ultimate control of their funds. Its functionality is split between personal and business clients, both of which are able to enjoy the service for free. The result is a secure and convenient investment channel for partner ICOs.
CREDITS and are going to make research how to implement CREDITS platform in the analysis of e-learning process.
The e-learning platform for making decision inside big corporation.
CREDITS will provide Livetree with safety storage data information
World's first blockchain film and TV rights funding and distribution platform
CREDITS introduce to Wandx wallet service or exchanges
Decentralised trading of ERC20 tokens and ERC20 token baskets
Going to use CREDITS smart contracts in identity, security and storage direction.
Revolutionary payments for personal & business use
CREDITS blockchain platform will as a tool for security solutions
Skychain aimed to host, train and use artificial intelligence (AI) in healthcare
Messenger Bank
Credits will provide the Messenger Bank with own blockchain platform for the purpose to test the huge number of transactions and to increase their quantity in volume.
A global decentralized banking platform & fully licensed mobile bank. Messenger Bank bridges the gap between traditional banking and emerging crypto mar ket.